Praise and Prayer-Jan 24, 2020

Pokot Outreach Ministries – This partner ministry shares the gospel of peace to the Pokot people (around a million) who live in the Rift Valley in western Kenya. A SonSet Solutions staff member who was just in Kenya, has installed seven SonSetLink monitors on different types of pumps this past week. With other installations of each pump and SonSetLink, the nomadic Pokot have developed villages and in one instance a church! The reliable water source is transformative resulting in stable homes, better health, healthy animals and sustainable gardens. Reliable water frees up time for things like education and the formation of churches. Please pray for these recent pump and monitor installations in the Rift Valley and how the hearts of the Pokot will also be transformed eternally.

Training in France – Two of our teammates are scheduled to receive specialized training this coming week in France. The purpose is to equip them for technical support of a particular line of FM transmitters that we recommend to broadcast ministry partners. Please pray for an effective time of learning as well as their health and safety.

LeTourneau University – This week, one of our teammates represented SonSet Solutions at LeTourneau University’s Career Fair. Please pray for fruit to come from the interaction he had with students. We continue to ask the Lord for more workers to serve here in Elkhart.