22-year-old Introvert Helps Reach Multitudes

Sometimes we think, “I have so little to offer that I don’t see how I could ever be used by the Lord.” Such was the case for Mike Axman, a 22-year-old high-school dropout and introvert, with a radio hobby who had just found Christ. Mike felt a strong calling for evangelism . . . but how could he do that?

While at a loss for a plan, the Lord showed him missionary radio. “That’s it! I can get the Good News to the world by joining a missionary radio ministry!” The Lord provided him with further education. Afterwards, he had a role in the operation and installation of high-power radio stations in the orient.

Later, mission agency HCJB World Radio invited Mike to work with a team in Elkhart, Indiana, to develop a 500-kW shortwave radio transmitter capable of overpowering Russian jamming efforts. He later worked with the development of nine 100-kW shortwave transmitters which were deployed internationally.

Christians in former communist nations wanted to start their own FM radio stations but shipping was not reliable. Equipment would need to be hand-carried in by individuals. Thus, the project of designing the “suitcase-size” FM transmitter was given to Mike. Eventually additional transmitters were carried into countries around the world. SonSet Solutions has helped establish 500 radio stations in over 100 countries.

Another project of Mike’s was the SonSet® radio, a little solar-powered fixed-tuned FM and shortwave radio that is sent to grateful recipients around the world who can now tune into the Good News in their own language wherever they go!

So, just offer the Lord all you are and He “who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Eph. 3:20) will take you places you never dreamed!

Written by Steve Kuhn