A Hunger in South Sudan

After 55 years of guerrilla warfare, South Sudan is experiencing a desperate hunger for the word of God. Ninety-five percent of the rural South Sudanese are illiterate as warring factions have destroyed the educational system. Starvation and ravaged homes are the plight of people today in Southern Sudan with refugee camps among the largest in the world.

National pastors and Ugandan missionaries face execution by the opposition, yet are zealous and aggressive in sharing the gospel and love of Jesus. Whole villages are turning to Christ as the truth of the Bible is taught. The passion of these believing leaders is for Africans to reach Africa.

Radio broadcasting from the capital city of Juba is able to speed up the process as messages can reach an estimated 1.2 million villagers, refugees and prisoners at one time. Our partner Favour Africa Ministries International, having already established a radio station in Gulu, Uganda, prayed and worked for several years to see a radio ministry begin in Juba, South Sudan. They purchased the land, built the building, and obtained the necessary licenses. SonSet Solutions provided the equipment needed to establish the new station in Juba in addition to equipment for an existing station in Gulu which is already proclaiming a voice of healing, hope and salvation through an on-air Bible school, trauma counseling, health education, teaching, worship, family and children’s programs, news and more.

“Progress on South Sudan’s first 24/7 Christian radio station is well underway!” writes Favour Africa Founder and Director Carole Ward. They anticipate being on the air soon. Speaking of both the Gulu and Juba stations, Carole exclaims, “What else could take His Word so far into unreached areas, to places where there are no roads? Dangers or war zones may stop the overland movements, but nothing stops the Word from penetrating the skies!”

Pray for the South Sudanese Christian leadership who, though suffering trauma and deprivation themselves, are willing to give their lives to reach their people with the gospel, no matter the cost.