A World Cup Win for Liberian Youth

Joseph Kebbie was just 12 years old when the civil war broke out in Liberia in 1989. Being forced to become a child soldier was a constant fear and avoiding that fate a constant challenge.

God used the childhood experiences of war to develop in Joseph a passion for the young people of Liberia. Seventy percent of the population is under the age of 37. With the help of SonSet Solutions and other ministry partners, Joseph has established Vox TransMedia, a radio and media ministry designed to bring the message of hope and reconciliation through the gospel to the former child soldiers and victims of war who are now young adults.

Recently, Joseph reported on a successful, youth evangelistic event:

This year Vox TransMedia strategically engaged the Liberian youth through our Sports Outreach program during the [soccer] World Cup by providing a temporary theater that hosted up to a hundred youth or more per match. The service was rendered at no cost to the viewers, thanks to the support of friends like you.

On June 14 we hosted 56 viewers during the World Cup opening ceremony. Mr. John Sumu, a youth pastor, ministered to the group from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 on the theme “Winning with Integrity.”

We showed the entire World Cup games at the station’s location. In total we hosted, evangelized and shared this great moment with about 1,700 viewers.

A special thanks and appreciation to you as our ministry partner for your continued cooperation with our mission to reach the youth of Liberia with the gospel through our radio broadcasts.

Written by Marla Bender