Advances in Water Monitoring

Cody and Emily Hall will be making an overseas trip to Kenya with a two-fold purpose. First, to install two distinctly different water monitors designed for two different pumps: a solar-powered pump that’s part of a larger water storage and delivery system for a children’s school, and an India Mark II hand pump (the world’s most common water pump) that serves the local community. Second, they will train local Kenyans how to install the water monitors themselves.

These are both applications of SonSet Solutions’ remote monitoring system called SonSetLink™. The solar-powered pump monitor adds a new method of water-level sensing for storage tanks (similar to the level sensor pictured that Cody designed and built for Ecuador) which is critical in balancing water usage with availability, while the India Mark II pump monitor can now sense the presence of water within the pump.

The most challenging aspects of both redesigns are accommodating additional sensor needs, determining what’s easiest to manufacture, maintaining functionality, and keeping overall costs as low as possible.

The team is currently working on a customized SonSetLink™ water monitor for partner ministry Design Outreach’s LifePump™. Looking ahead, challenges include production streamlining and additional testing. Praise the Lord that more than 300 water monitors have been shipped in the last three to four years. We are hoping to ship many more, ensuring that the water continues flowing in critical regions all over the world.