An Eerie Sense of Better Times


Recently, SonSet Solutions sent two of our technicians to Guinea-Bissau, a West African country that seems stuck in a perpetual state of underdevelopment. There’s an eerie sense there that at one time things were much better. After a civil war and multiple coups to overthrow the government, many parts of the country have no electricity or running water.

People have lost their sense of identity and self-worth. Even people’s home addresses are non-specific. Our radio techs stayed “on the road that goes through town where the white man lives.” In 1 Peter 2:10, we are reminded that God specializes in taking people with no identity and makes them His own people.

The latest trip to Guinea Bissau was to make repairs to a partner’s radio station that was struck by lightning and knocked off the air. The information on the damage sustained by the station was sketchy due to language barriers and intermittent internet connections. Our team determined what equipment needed to be replaced and shipped it out several weeks before their departure. Last minute items were acquired and hand-carried from the U.S., including tools and test equipment. Donations from several churches and individuals covered the cost of the equipment and travel expenses for the technical team.

Within a week of arriving at the damaged radio station, our team was successful in getting it back on the air once again. Some training was provided for the station’s local staff, and more lightning and grounding protection was provided to deter damage from future lightning storms.

We are reminded that without the generosity of individuals and churches, this station could have remained damaged for months or years. Often our projects are limited by the available resources. Sometimes those are financial limitations as in the case of this station. Other times, we need capable technical people to offer their expertise and experience. If you are interested in participating in the ministry of SonSet Solutions, contact us here. We would also encourage you to consider donating toward our year-end giving campaign at Partners for Global Impact.

By Jean Muehlfelt