Praise and Prayer-Jun 14, 2019

Board Meetings – Praise the Lord for a productive and refreshing gathering of the SonSet Solutions board of directors. Time was dedicated to the consideration of several strategic topics that represent significant ministry opportunities or threats over the coming years.

SonSet® Radio Fundraisers – We have two churches who are doing campaigns to fund SonSet radios this month. Pray that these congregations will see the potential these solar-powered radios have for expanding the reach of radio ministries all over the world. Pray that these campaigns will expand the vision of each church member and inspire them to be even more committed to the great commission.   

 Complete Radio Station – A transmitter, antenna and studio equipment is being prepared for immediate shipment.  Pray for the safe arrival of this complete radio station headed to Togo.

Praise and Prayer-Jun 7, 2019

A Ministry Praise Report – Praise the Lord for testimonies received this week from a broadcast ministry partner in Tanzania that we helped launch in 2016. Families are being transformed. People are coming to know the Lord!

SonSet® Radio Deliveries – Pray for the safe arrival of SonSet radios that will be hand carried by missions teams traveling to Niger and Kenya this summer.

Our Summer Interns – Pray for our summer interns as they seek the Lord’s direction regarding their future work and ministry. Pray that the Lord will use their experience here to draw them into full-time service for the Lord using the skills and talents that He has given them.

Overcoming Geographical and Cultural Challenges

“Africa in miniature.” This is a common designation for one country in West Africa. Cameroon includes all the major climates and vegetation found on the continent: beaches, deserts, mountains, savannas and rainforests. About the size of California, this geographically and culturally diverse nation encompasses 250 different language groups.

It is difficult bringing biblical truth to a nation where diverse religious beliefs exist when navigation from one region to another is arduous and language barriers exist within its borders. Continue reading

One Radio Station and the Story of Two Souls

Buhati walked into the pastor’s office at Radio Alpha Omega FM with tears streaming down her cheeks. Life had become unbearable for this young, unmarried, pregnant girl. Pastor Mabutwa, who runs the station in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), listened as she shared her story.

While in high school, she became pregnant and was beaten severely by her family until she and her boyfriend, Justin, ran away. Feeling a nagging sense of hopelessness, she decided to end her life. That evening she turned on her radio and tuned in to a message of hope. Buhati knew she had to find where the radio station was located. It was there that Pastor Mabutwa was able to lead her to Jesus.

But Buhati’s struggles were not over. Justin, who had since married her, refused to allow her to attend church. The radio program was her only source of spiritual nourishment. One day, she was escorted to the pastor’s office by her husband. He thanked them for their programs but said he didn’t want his wife in church. If she tried to go to church, he would beat her.

Providentially, Radio Alpha Omega FM held weekly meetings at the station for listeners to come together. Justin and his wife attended; however, Justin made it clear that, although they could attend the radio meetings, they could not go to church. Their presence at these meetings continued until, finally, Justin surrendered his life to Christ. Now he and Buhati are evangelists together, proclaiming Jesus to others. Continue reading

Praise and Prayer-May 17, 2019

Partner Meetings – Pray for a productive visit to our area by long-time ministry partner, Etienne Kiemdé, of R.E.D. in Burkina Faso. During his May 19-21 visit, we hope to help Etienne expand his network of contacts and also bring a good report of what the Lord is doing in his homeland.

Pastor & Mission Leader Luncheon – Thank you for your prayers! We had an excellent turnout to our luncheon for area pastors, missions leaders and spouses last week. Our goal was to help local churches understand the services we provide and how we can come alongside them in their mission efforts with technical resources to help them expand their reach and deepen their impact. Please pray for opportunities to work together to advance the gospel around the world.

SonSet® Radios – Pray that the Lord will provide all of the needed funds for 480 SonSet radios that we hope to ship to Francophone Ministries For Christ before the end of May. The radios will be shipped to R.E.D., a radio ministry in Burkina Faso where they will distribute them to listeners of their eight radio stations within the country.  

Praise and Prayer-May 10, 2019

Missionary Support Need – One of our missionary couples took a leave of absence to get their support up to 100%. They only have 15% more to go. Pray that the Lord would continue to raise up their support team so they can return to the ministry soon. They leave key positions vacant.

Fruitful Ministry Contacts – Thank the Lord for the many rich contacts that were recently made as SonSet Solutions staff members took part in gatherings in the Netherlands and California. Pray that fruit for God’s Kingdom will result.

Pastor & Mission Leaders Luncheon – Pray for a wonderful time of fellowship and encouragement as SonSet Solutions hosts local pastors and missions leaders in our offices for a time of learning how technology is being used to expand the reach and deepen the impact of ministries all over the world.

Praise and Prayer-May 2, 2019

Pastor & Mission Leaders Luncheon – Pray for a good turn-out for our Pastor and Mission Leaders Luncheon on May 14th. We will be sharing stories from our partners with the goal of spreading the word about how the Lord is using SonSet Solutions to expand the reach and deepen the impact of ministries all over the world. Attendees are asked to RSVP by May 7th.

Board of Directors – The SonSet Solutions board of directors is eager to help our ministry continue to grow and reach greater levels of effectiveness. Five “strategic topics” are currently being explored by small task forces made up of SonSet Solutions board members and staff members. Pray for discernment as careful consideration is given to these particular areas. Reports and recommendations will be shared at the June board meeting.

SonSet® Radios for Burkina Faso – Pray for people to respond to a call to fund 480 additional SonSet radios for Radio Evangile Développement before the end of May when R.E.D. will close their shipping container in preparation for sending it to Burkina Faso, West Africa. These additional units will complete the total of 300 radios for each of the eight R.E.D. stations in the country (2400 radios total in the shipment).  

Coming Full Circle

Nathan Steele says he has radio broadcasting in his genes. His father was a pioneer, putting the first FM stereo radio station on the air in Los Angeles in 1959. Nathan’s parents loved the Lord, and, in 1966 when Nathan was a teenager, they left their home in California to become missionaries with HCJB, a radio broadcasting mission in Ecuador.

School work didn’t excite Nathan at Alliance Academy in Ecuador. What excited him was radio. He worked in studios during high school and college, dropping out of college to become a disc jockey for a rock ‘n’ roll station. Although Nathan shared his father’s passion for radio, he did not share his parent’s passion for the things of God. “Somehow I turned my back on all of that stuff and walked away for about 20 years.”

In 1996, God got a hold of Nathan’s heart after visiting his sister’s church in Japan, where she had become a missionary herself. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes: Radio Planting (Part Two)

For over 30 years, SonSet Solutions has been helping ministry partners around the globe establish their own radio stations. Radio planting is part of the fabric of who we are as a ministry, making it possible for millions to hear the message of hope and salvation. But what happens if equipment becomes damaged or fails to work properly? SonSet Solutions is ready to come alongside our partners with technical assistance whenever they need us.

There is a variety of support steps that may be used, depending on the complexity of the issue(s) at hand:

  • Parts may be sent directly from SonSet Solutions to the partner ministry, with instructions on how to replace faulty components.
  • Transmitters may be returned to SonSet Solutions for repair.
  • One of our technicians may travel to the field to do the repairs. These “hands on” trips often include additional training of capable, local personnel.
  • Occasionally, ministry partners travel to Elkhart for technical training.

Regardless of the necessary steps, the goal remains the same: to quickly and effectively identify and correct any issues at hand, restoring the equipment and resuming broadcasts of the gospel message.

Praise and Prayer-Apr 12, 2019

Mobile Media – Pray for good follow-up times for two of our staff, Mike and Jonathan, who attended a conference last week regarding the use of mobile technology in missions. Pray that the Lord will direct us to partners that we can help in this area of ministry.

Good Health and Travelling Safety – A number of our staff members have been suffering from a variety of health issues in recent weeks. Pray for good health and healing for our staff. Pray also for our staff as a number of them are travelling or returning from trips this week.

Pastors Luncheon – Pray for a good response to an invitation we sent out this week for local pastors to join us for a time of fellowship and learning about the ministry of SonSet Solutions. Space is limited but we are hoping for a full house.