Praise and Prayer-Nov 1, 2019

Campaign Success – Nov 1, 2019 marks the beginning of our 2019 year-end funding campaign. Pray that the Lord will lead many of His people to give generously to the work that He is doing around the world through SonSet Solutions and our ministry partners.

Valuable Training – Praise the Lord that three of our staff were able to attend a valuable leaders training conference where 150 like-minded ministry organizations were represented. Pray that new ministry partnerships will result from these important connections.

Raising Awareness – Praise the Lord for the opportunity that Tim and Becky Yazel had to represent the ministry of SonSet Solutions at a large church conference in the Detroit area. Pray that the Lord will use these contacts to further His work around the world.

Christian Techies Unite!

Yes, being a Christian and a techie can be perfectly normal and purposeful in ministry. It is possible to share both profound spiritual conversations and technical discussions. The International Conference on Computing and Mission (ICCM) is the place where people can go to meet other Christian technologists who are striving to advance Jesus’ Great Commission by using their skills.

Understanding the joys and realities that come with combining technical things and ministry allows for networking and sharing the “latest and greatest” ideas and experiences within our rapidly changing world. For example, the “What’s Hot/What’s Not” session is an opportunity to share both practical advice and common struggles. What are you buying? What are you NOT buying? What are you getting rid of? What about anti-virus and malware?

Our own Dr. Leon Amstutz led a session this year discussing electronic equipment power protection and grounding practices. This issue is particularly important in developing countries where electrical power surges can destroy expensive, sensitive equipment. Sharing ideas, observations, and know-how provides an avenue for more effective use of technology, bringing the gospel to every nation.

Equipped for Ministry

 “I don’t really like retirement parties, because I don’t want this to be about me. My desire is to bring glory to God,” expressed John Wineman at a recent retirement party. Bringing glory to God is what he has done in his 12 years of faithful service with SonSet Solutions.

John and his wife, Carol Ann, were saved at age 30, and it was always their desire to serve God. They considered ministering in India, but their pastor cautioned against it. It would take years to learn the language and a lifetime to learn the culture. “Look for a position that will leverage the skills you have,” he advised.

John’s expertise was in problem solving, team coordination, mentoring, and teaching, skills he gained through his work with two technical powerhouses: Continue reading

An “Incredibly Rewarding Experience”

“What an incredible opportunity to integrate the Great Commission with the technical skills He has given me!”

Noah Peternel, a summer intern from Grove City College, first heard of SonSet Solutions as a freshman engineering student at his college’s annual career fair. Watching a video of the gospel message paired with a clean water system in an African village grabbed his attention. Seeing joy reflected in the eyes of the villagers stirred his heart and filled him with a passion to be part of this endeavor.

The following two years were filled with prayer, phone calls, and emails. At the end of his junior year of college, Noah was selected to become part of the very intern team at SonSet Solutions that he had “prayed oh-so-hard for” since his freshman year of college. Continue reading

Just Say “Yes!”

I’ve wondered how I could get my family involved in Christian missions. Well, missionaries with SonSet Solutions visited our church and invited everyone to volunteer to test and prep a batch of solar-powered radios that are tuned to receive only the Christian radio stations in the particular country to which they are sent. The ministry was only 10 miles away, so we said “Yes” and signed up.

When my wife, three young boys and I showed up at SonSet Solutions, we joined fellow church members around a makeshift “assembly line.“  Everyone was given a task – some tested radio reception, state of charge, and button function; another checked solar charge function; others added an instruction booklet, packaged and boxed the units… 300 in all headed for Burkina Faso.  My children enjoyed the idea of being part of an assembly line. We had a sense of satisfaction knowing we had helped in a small way with a project that has life-changing and eternal implications. Continue reading

Prototype Testing

Sometimes you learn more when something breaks than when it works as planned. You plan, design, build and it looks like it’s working, but then it just quits for some unknown reason. That’s the nature of engineering. If that happens, you study it and figure out why it quit and then redesign it to make it better. And in the end, you end up with a better product than when you started.

That’s what happened to SonSet Solutions engineer Tom Scatliff on a trip to Pioneer Christian Hospital early in 2019.  He took a prototype piece of equipment with him so that we could do valuable field testing and collect data in real-life operating conditions.  A few days after he arrived and turned the prototype unit ON, it stopped working.  But since Tom was still there when it failed, he was able to analyze the problem and do some serious troubleshooting to figure out what the problem was. 

We praise God that in His providence, He allowed the prototype to fail while Tom was still on site.  We gained invaluable knowledge from this experience and will hopefully be able to incorporate lessons learned into a better product for our partner ministries as we work hand-in-hand to share the love of God to the whole world.

God’s Plan Through the Twists and Turns

Though the journey of life may seem like a series of random twists and turns, looking back we can sometimes see the hand of God steering us according to His perfect plan. Mathew’s life is an example of this.

Mathew was born in 1968 in Kisii, Kenya, and was reared in a good Catholic family. After graduating from college in 1989 with a degree in sales and marketing, he volunteered part time at the Anglican Church Christian Community Services organization where his older sister worked. It was there that God brought him to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Several moves followed in the intervening years as Mathew got married, pursued jobs, sought better schools for his children, and fled tribal violence that saw their property burned to the ground. In 2008, God led him and his family to Kericho, Kenya, and to a warm, friendly church with solid teaching. Continue reading

The Solution Comes Back to CAR

After many years of patience and perseverance, our work monitoring clean water wells has come full circle. Along the way, our effort to help one water ministry has benefited many others.

This account goes all the way back to 2007, when a team of SonSet Solutions missionaries traveled to the Central African Republic (CAR) to install a shortwave radio station for Water for Good, a ministry dedicated to bringing clean and lasting water to everyone in the Central African Republic. This station enabled Water for Good to reach its people with messages about clean water, hygiene, farming, and, most importantly, God’s Word.

Later, Water for Good asked for help with monitoring their water wells remotely. This would lighten the burden of their maintenance teams who travel through the remote African bush. We began collaboration with well pump manufacturers in pursuit of a solution.

While we were able to test two prototypes in March 2013, civil war broke out in the CAR immediately afterward. Continue reading