Phone Charger Sparks Ministry

We were encouraged to read the following from one of our partners on Facebook:

Visited our Solar Project with one of the Woman’s Groups. They are currently using solar power to charge cell phones in a very, very remote area. So proud of these ladies. The project is up, running and making a profit in its first month! They have an awesome vision to use the profit to serve the needy in their community. We are praying with them as they look for ways [to] grow their business and serve others! They even charged one of our cell phones!

Led by a pastor’s wife, this women’s group in a very remote area of Malawi is using a solar cell phone charging station to raise money to assist the people of their community. Each month, the ladies meet together to decide how to best distribute the profits. In this way, they are able to help support their pastor and to provide sustenance for needy village families and assist with medical expenses. Continue reading

TWR FM Transmitters

When 10 nearly-new FM transmitters from Norway were offered to our partner TWR, they jumped at the opportunity. However, the transmitters needed to be evaluated, tested and modified before they were ready to ship to their final destinations. That’s when they contacted SonSet Solutions.

Dave Pederson and SonSet Solutions’ Larry McGuire, both TWR engineers, set to work on the project. Together they created a proof-of-performance checklist, re-wired the power supply to accommodate a different voltage, and changed the operating frequency for the first of the transmitters. They also worked together to redesign the ventilation system. The Rohde and Schwarz design received pressurized cooling air from the bottom of the rack, which sat on a raised floor. For their new homes, a ventilation hole was cut in the bottom of the left side-panel and a blower installed to provide a new source for cooling air. Once the first transmitter was completed, Larry modified and tested the remaining nine units. Finally, special heat-treated shipping crates were needed in order to satisfy the importation requirements of their new host countries. Four of the transmitters are now in the hands of TWR’s Peruvian partners and will soon be broadcasting the gospel.

Power Quality Monitor

Many of SonSet Solutions’ international ministry partners, using sophisticated electronic equipment, are at risk of equipment damage due to unreliable electrical power. Imagine the frustration experienced by a Christian radio station or a mission hospital when their expensive equipment is destroyed in an instant by something so esoteric as the electricity coming from their outlets. Is the problem with their provider, with how they set up their facility, or due to the way their neighbor is using power next door?

During the summer of 2019, two interns, Maury Funez and Michael Dubisz, began the development of a solution – a low cost power quality monitor. This device will help visualize the abstract electrical power quality by measuring and recording specific properties of the electricity at a ministry location. This data will then be transmitted via the Internet to the team of engineers at SonSet Solutions. They, like a team of doctors, can examine the symptoms, write up a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment in the form of an affordable power quality solution tailored to a specific partner’s need. The power quality monitor is in the functional prototype phase, and plans are under way for their deployment. Soon they will be helping ministries overcome their electrical power quality problems, effectively increasing their reach into local communities.

Becoming a Fool for Jesus

Joseph was born into a very religious family in the country of Burkina Faso. His parents first belonged to the Muslim faith and later became Catholics. As a result, Joseph remembers practicing many religious rituals. “They gave me bells to wear on my wrists to be strong for the fight. With bells I could beat 50 people around me.”  

Joseph studied his Bible and learned many verses. He often visited an evangelical church and talked to a pastor who would pray for his sick grandmother.

One day, a friend from college invited him to an evangelistic campaign. It was there that he felt the call of God on his life. The pastor proclaimed, “God is calling you!” Joseph said, “I stood up, and the pastor prayed for me.” Continue reading

Nutritious Weed Feeds Hospital Patients

If it weren’t bad enough being hospitalized, having to go without food would be detrimental during a patient’s recovery process. Like many hospitals in Africa, Pioneer Christian Hospital in the Republic of Congo had no way to feed its patients. Family members were responsible to make sure their loved one was fed during their hospital stay, but not all patients had someone who could take on this responsibility. In an area with thousands of refugees and people afflicted with leprosy and HIV/AIDS, many patients are on their own.

Candice Scatliff, a nutritionist from SonSet Solutions, and others were burdened by this plight. In 2017, as a temporary solution, Candice worked with donors to provide North-American-derived dehydrated food bags to feed the hospital’s patients. This was monumental, as it was the first time the hospital fed its patients in its ten years of operation. Continue reading

Where in the World is Burundi?

That was my first thought when a colleague approached me about helping a radio ministry in the country of Burundi.

The radio ministry is called Radio Voix d’Espoir (Radio Voice of Hope) and is located on the campus of Hope Africa University in Bujumbura, Burundi. Located in Central Africa, Burundi is surrounded by Rwanda, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, covering an area about the size of Hawaii.

My task was to install new computer systems, do some training and evaluate their current studio and equipment needs.

Located on the third floor of the academic building, Radio Voix d’Espoir provides Christian programming 18 hours a day to their listeners. Continue reading

Solar Media Broadcaster

Traditionally, when ministries approach SonSet Solutions, it is for help building a Christian FM radio station with a range of about 10-15 miles. The installation averages about $20,000, and several staff are needed to operate it. SonSet Solutions is working on a radically different concept to help ministries and churches reach the lost in their immediate neighborhood.

We are developing a small, modular Wi-Fi system to “broadcast” Christian content up to about 100 yards, depending on the terrain. It will be a portable, self-contained unit that can be placed on the rooftop of a church, for example,  and provide a variety of content to nearby cell-phone users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The content can be tailored to the needs and interests of the micro-community that the church wants to reach.

It all costs less than $500 and doesn’t require any full-time staff to operate it. Because it is not a real FM radio station, there are no government applications, red tape or delays to deal with. It could be purchased, installed and broadcasting all in the same day helping our ministry partners more efficiently and effectively reach their immediate communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

22-year-old Introvert Helps Reach Multitudes

Sometimes we think, “I have so little to offer that I don’t see how I could ever be used by the Lord.” Such was the case for Mike Axman, a 22-year-old high-school dropout and introvert, with a radio hobby who had just found Christ. Mike felt a strong calling for evangelism . . . but how could he do that?

While at a loss for a plan, the Lord showed him missionary radio. “That’s it! I can get the Good News to the world by joining a missionary radio ministry!” The Lord provided him with further education. Afterwards, he had a role in the operation and installation of high-power radio stations in the orient.

Later, mission agency HCJB World Radio invited Mike to work with a team in Elkhart, Indiana, to develop a 500-kW shortwave radio transmitter capable of overpowering Russian jamming efforts. He later worked with the development of nine 100-kW shortwave transmitters which were deployed internationally.

Christians in former communist nations wanted to start their own FM radio stations but shipping was not reliable. Continue reading

Praise and Prayer-Nov 8, 2019

Divine Appointments – We praise the Lord for divine appointments!  In the past two weeks we have seen ministry workers from Ghana, Peru, and South Sudan visit SonSet Solutions to explore ways that we might collaborate in the gospel.

Workers for the Harvest – The opportunities for Kingdom service are great. More workers are urgently needed. Pray for the following staff needs to be filled at SonSet Solutions:  Human Resources Assistant, College Liaison, Story Teller and Events Coordinator

SonSet® Radios for the Amazon – A recent report from Radio Logos in the northern Amazon region of Peru shared that they urgently need more SonSet radios. Thanks to the gifts of generous financial partners, we are now preparing to send another 1,200 units.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 1, 2019

Campaign Success – Nov 1, 2019 marks the beginning of our 2019 year-end funding campaign. Pray that the Lord will lead many of His people to give generously to the work that He is doing around the world through SonSet Solutions and our ministry partners.

Valuable Training – Praise the Lord that three of our staff were able to attend a valuable leaders training conference where 150 like-minded ministry organizations were represented. Pray that new ministry partnerships will result from these important connections.

Raising Awareness – Praise the Lord for the opportunity that Tim and Becky Yazel had to represent the ministry of SonSet Solutions at a large church conference in the Detroit area. Pray that the Lord will use these contacts to further His work around the world.