Power Quality Monitor

The primary reason our partner ministry radio stations go off the air in developing countries is due to “dirty power” which results when abnormalities occur in the electricity supplied to a piece of equipment. Power that spikes too high or drops too low can damage the FM transmitters’ delicate electronics causing the broadcasts to go silent.

SonSet Solutions has been working on this problem and has taken the monitor portion of our Equipment Power Protection technology to come up with a solution. On a trip to Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, Republic of Congo, early in 2019, SonSet Solutions missionary Tom Scatliff installed a prototype unit that constantly measured and logged the public utility power and the hospital’s own generators over a certain length of time. It recorded all the spikes, dropouts, surges, or any other kind of dirty power that might damage sensitive electronics. Engineers back at SonSet Solutions can then analyze what the major power problems are for the hospital and the hospital’s Christian radio station, and tailor a power protection solution for them specifically geared to those power problems.

When this prototype is completed, it will be another valuable tool that SonSet Solutions can use to help our worldwide partner ministries be more effective in spreading the gospel to a lost and dying world!

Praise and Prayer-Aug 9, 2019

Burundi – We thank the Lord that broadcast equipment we sent to a ministry in Burundi, East Africa cleared customs and is now ready for our SonSet Solutions technician to install. Pray that the technician’s visa will be granted soon so his trip will not be delayed.

Togo – Working with our partner, Reach Beyond, equipment was shipped to Togo for a radio station. Praise the Lord that the equipment was released from customs quickly and everything arrived undamaged. Pray that the installation this month will be successful.

Radio Evangile Développement (R.E.D.) — A large container full of equipment for ministry partner R.E.D. in Burkina Faso is being prepared at the offices of Francophone Ministries for Christ in Port Huron, Michigan.  SonSet Solutions is collaborating in this big undertaking in order to equip fellow ministry workers in West Africa with tools that will greatly expand their reach. Pray for the numerous logistics to come together, as well as for safe passage across the Atlantic and then to multiple ministry sites in this land-locked nation.

He Offered His Hands

Eyes brimming with tears and his face shining with genuine sincerity, he said, “I can work with my hands.” These were the words of Scott Kocher, volunteer at SonSet Solutions. He has, indeed, brought those very hands to work here. Scott reports, “I empty waste baskets, clean, do maintenance and have even gotten involved in assembling SonSetLink™ water monitors.” His love for God has given him a desire to help wherever needed.

Scott’s story here began when his son suggested a tour of SonSet Solutions. Overwhelmed by the intricacy of the work he observed and the technical precision and overall ministry, he asked himself, “What could I do to be part of this work?” He offered his hands; God answered.

Scott said, “My father was a man of few words, but he taught me to work.” Another person whose impact Scott cited was his mother-in-law who had come to America from Switzerland. Again tears started as he shared, “She didn’t know English, but knew the language of prayer. Faithfully, she prayed for her husband to know the Lord. He did eventually become a believer and pastor. She carried a love for God and a positive attitude throughout her life.” Continue reading

Vehicle Location Monitoring

Knowledge is power. The Kimia Leprosy Center operated by the Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, Republic of Congo, has taken that saying to heart. Driving deep into the Congolese rainforest, they set up temporary bases where they diagnose new leprosy patients and show films. One film educates about the treatability of leprosy. The other is the Jesus film. On a recent trip, 500 villagers accepted Christ after watching the Jesus film!

Sometimes the Kimia team gets stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cell service and no way to call for help. The hospital has no idea where they are or if they are in danger.

SonSet Solutions has been working on a solution adapted from our satellite-based clean water well monitoring technology. On a trip to Pioneer Christian Hospital early in 2019, SonSet Solutions missionary Tom Scatliff mounted a satellite modem on top of the Kimia truck to monitor its GPS location. SonSet Solutions also programmed the modem to act as an emergency beacon. Now if the Kimia team runs into trouble on one of its trips into the deep jungle, they can flip a switch and the hospital will know the exact GPS coordinates of the truck and can send someone to retrieve them.

Impacting Thousands One Individual at a Time

Marriages struggle in many societies, but in the strongly male-dominated society of Papua New Guinea, marriages face increased challenges. Jane’s (name changed) marriage had been plagued with affairs and threats of violence. With a small financial gift and a request to pray for her marriage, Jane contacted Wantok Radio Light (WRL), a radio ministry started with the help of SonSet Solutions. Rebecca, who served at WRL, called Jane to pray for her over the phone. She encouraged Jane to fast and pray for three days and Rebecca would do the same. Rebecca reports, “At the end of three days, she said her husband saw in a dream the cross of Jesus with blood dripping off of it. He knew it was because of his sin that Jesus died. He asked forgiveness of his wife and gave his life over to Jesus to change him…. Now their marriage is strong, and they are strong in the Lord.” Continue reading

Praise and Prayer-Aug 2, 2019

Radio Planting Projects – Our Broadcast Services Department is involved with 25-30 ongoing Radio Planting projects. Please pray as they interact with and assist our partners with their technology needs.

SonSetLink™ Monitor Order – Recently, we received an order for 125 SonSetLink systems for our partner Water Mission. Pray for our clean water team as they prepare these systems. We have several new ministries to assist and more doors are opening as monitoring needs become apparent.

New Opportunities – There are many service opportunities yet before us in what remains of 2019. Ask God to lead us to the ones he wants us to invest our resources in. During the first half of this year, we were able to serve the needs of 120 ministries in 56 countries via equipment, service, consultation, and training.

Praise and Prayer-Jul 26, 2019

Burundi Partner Update – The recent shipment of computers to our partner in Burundi were separated, sent at different times, and are in various locations en route to Burundi. Please pray that all six boxes will arrive in Burundi soon, and that a visa request will be granted quickly for our teammate who will be traveling there.

SonSet® Radios to Burkina Faso – We are so grateful for our recent work teams!  Please pray for more work teams to complete the preparation of the order of radios being sent to our partner, Radio Evangile Développement, in Burkina Faso.

Roatán – Praise the Lord that we were able to help troubleshoot transmitter issues recently for our ministry partner on the remote island of Roatán (just off the northern coast of Honduras). Pray for the staff of Bible Basics International as they reach out to their neighbors with the gospel.

Praise and Prayer-Jul 19, 2019

Work Team – Praise the Lord for a work team from Emmanuel Christian Reformed Church who was with us on July 17 to assist with some facility maintenance and prepare some SonSet® radios. Their servants’ hearts ministered to us, and we are thankful for our work teams and volunteers; they are so important to the Lord’s work done here.

Full Support Raised – Praise the Lord that one of our missionary couples, who has been traveling the last few months, has raised their full support and are now back full-time serving at SonSet Solutions.

Burundi Partner – Pray for God’s hand of protection to be on a shipment of computers we are sending out now to a ministry partner in Burundi, Africa. Pray that a visa be granted soon so one of our teammates can travel to Burundi in late August and assist with the setup of these computers, and also provide other technical support.

Praise and Prayer-Jul 12, 2019

Faithful Stewardship – Praise the Lord for the many resources he has placed in our hands for carrying out his work. We seek to be faithful stewards, and we thank him for the privilege of being in his service.

Russian Broadcasting – Ask the Lord to help our team identify solid solutions for a Christian broadcaster that needs to relocate their operation to outside Russia. Restrictions within the country are growing stronger.

Travel Safety – Pray for traveling safety for our many staff members who are vacationing or visiting supporting churches this summer. Pray for warm times of fellowship with the various members of their prayer and financial support teams as they travel from place to place.

Praise and Prayer-Jul 5, 2019

Transmitters for Colombia – Pray for wisdom for our engineering team as they begin the final testing stage on two TB-1000 tropical band transmitters for a ministry in Colombia, South America. Massive landslides in the countryside of Colombia threaten the delivery of these transmitters. They are being provided through SonSet Solutions for a station that will deliver God’s word in multiple indigenous languages to an isolated area of the country. Pray for God’s timing in this effort to provide transmitters in top condition to reliably broadcast the gospel for many years to come.

Work Team – Praise the Lord for a work team from Lima Baptist Church who will be with us on July 8 and 9 to help with some facility maintenance and prepare some SonSet® radios for shipment to R.E.D. in Burkina Faso. We are thankful for the many volunteers who assist us in ministry each year.     

SonSet® Radios Funded – Praise the Lord for the SonSet radios that were funded during the VBS program at Peace Lutheran Church a couple of weeks ago. Pray that these radios will be effective tools for spreading the gospel through our radio partner ministries.