Behind the Scenes: Radio Planting (Part One)

“We would like to start a radio station.” What happens when a call like this is received by SonSet Solutions’ Broadcast Services Department?

The initial step is the vetting process, which includes a set of questions designed to determine whether SonSet Solutions and the potential partner share basic beliefs and common ministry goals. If so, the two form a partnership by jointly signing a Memorandum of Understanding.

We work closely with the new partner to determine what is needed to establish their broadcast ministry. A radio signal coverage study is key, as it helps determine the best location for the antenna and how powerful the transmitter needs to be to reach the intended audience. We also provide a list of additional broadcasting equipment that will be needed, such as microphones, audio mixers, and automation equipment. The partner is responsible for handling the infrastructure, tower construction and licensing. With funds from the partner ministry or donations from other organizations, SonSet Solutions purchases, tests, and ships the equipment, and when needed, provides on-site installation assistance.

When initial broadcasts have been successful, SonSet Solutions then stands ready to assist as needed with further consultation, equipment repair, and training. Over the years, SonSet Solutions has helped establish over 500 radio stations around the globe.