Funding Development: What is it?

SonSet Solutions could not exist without people who believe in our vision and support our work. God provides our financial resources through faithful friends of the ministry. The goal of Funding Development is to strengthen the bonds of friendship with our donors and create opportunities to make new friends.

We work closely with the communications department to produce inspiring stories which highlight how God is using technology to advance the gospel through our partner ministries. We interact with individuals, churches, and other organizations by a variety of means: face-to-face, phone calls, emails, social media, and publications. Along the way we invite people to join our ministry team through opportunities to give and pray for SonSet Solutions.

We also hold special events to introduce new people to our ministry. Our Global Impact Celebration open house is one such experience. We also host informal dessert nights where our friends and acquaintances hear inspiring stories about our ministry partners, and we create better connections with the local church by hosting events for local pastors.

Our desire is to develop cheerful donors who love this ministry and want to play a part in our future and the success of our ministry partners. It is God who supplies our needs. He does this through faithful servants like you.

Portable Display LifePump

Except for a math major, few people know what a “hypocycloid” mechanism is — let alone what it entails. Also known as a progressive cavity pump, it uses small cavities to push water upwards and out of the LifePump from deep underground. With this technology, Design Outreach’s LifePump provides clean water access in difficult locations.

Design Outreach asked SonSet Solutions to design and build a portable display LifePump, which shows the pump’s inner workings.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, “Seeing is believing.” But the benefits of this display-only pump are intended for “Seeing is understanding.” The cut-away design could enable officials in developing countries to grasp the LifePump’s simple but effective design, helping speed its in-country acceptance and delivery to needy areas. It also helps with funding. One donor has expressed an interest in having a display model for their office, so they can quickly and easily communicate with others how the LifePump works.

Building a tool that promotes the LifePump is important to us because we know that providing clean water access is a stepping stone to communicating the gospel to people in need of a Savior.

Spring Break at SonSet Solutions

Starting in 1992, the opportunity for students to serve during Spring Break at SonSet Solutions has matured and grown from one week for LeTourneau University into three weeks of projects for multiple colleges.

Students are pleasantly surprised to discover the application of technology in a ministry setting, and for many, their introduction to how their own God-given gifts and technical skills can be used to advance the gospel worldwide.

For Scott McConnell, college liaison for SonSet Solutions, the logistics of interacting with students from a new college presents the greatest challenge — numerous logistical details need to be carefully thought through and worked out. Seeing students discover how their gifts and skills can be used in missions — with some making career decisions to become missionaries — is the most rewarding aspect.

Scott is confident that, while not every student feels led to pursue further ministry involvement, the experience serves as the greatest draw to internships and apprenticeships. Ultimately, God continues to use it to increase workers in the “fields that are white already to harvest.”

Spring Break at SonSet Solutions is a team effort each year, and Scott McConnell is very thankful for all SonSet Solutions’ staff and their roles in making it possible.

Communications Team

Newsletters, social media and brochures…oh, my! The SonSet Solutions communications team continuously gathers stories and testimonies of impact from our ministry partners to share with you through digital and print mediums. Our goal is to inform and inspire you as we share behind-the-scenes production and stories of transformed lives.

Each month we produce the digital newsletter and also make a printed version every quarter. We write stories for the website, create an annual report with a compilation of impact stories from the entire year, and develop brochures to explain our technological solutions. SonSet Solutions is also on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where the communications team regularly posts about what our engineers are creating, as well as updates on our ministry partners.

We are always searching for testimonies of lives that Christ has transformed. John 10:10b, states, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” At SonSet Solutions, our communications team focuses on stories of how technology is used to help people find Christ and live abundant lives!

Celebrating the Past and the Future

“Hats off to the past, coats off to the future.” Not merely recognition of the warm weather in late July, this quote from Clarence Jones (one of HCJB’s founders) set the tone for a special HCJB Engineering Reunion and was a nod to SonSet Solutions’ second biennial Global Impact Celebration (GIC).

The three-day reunion of HCJB engineers from decades ago provided the opportunity to participate in interactive GIC activities showcasing how technology is used by God to impact lives worldwide for His glory. Newly illustrated this year was the Equipment Power Protection (EPP) unit that tested reaction times against electronic circuitry and a replica radio tower that children could climb.

Former president of HCJB Global and guest speaker Ron Cline reflected that, “So many times, during the weekend, I was transported back in time and felt as if we were doing it all over again. I have great appreciation for all of you. I realized anew what a privilege it was to serve our Lord with you.”

The continued faithfulness of the Lord was echoed by a former HCJB working visitor, Harry Chase, who noted that: “The HCJB legacy certainly lives on at SonSet [Solutions], and I pray it will continue and strengthen in doing God’s work.”

RV Parking Pads

The term “RV” or “Recreational Vehicle” often brings to mind vacations spent over miles of road. But with a new amenity at SonSet Solutions, the term “mobile home” (with an eye for ministry) might be more accurate.

We are grateful for the Lord’s provision through a generous local contractor, Bob Weaver of Anchor Construction, and some “in-house” contributors. An RV pad complete with electrical, water, and sewer lines, is now fully functional and able to accommodate trailers, campers, or motorhomes. This location is designed to provide those with a desire to use their God-given talents a place to literally “park and serve.”

SonSet Solutions’ President David Russell remarks, “Here in ‘the RV capital of the world,’ we are aware of the myriads of North Americans who, in their retirement years, travel about in RVs. Generous individuals have equipped us with parking and hookups for two RVs! Learn how you can serve as a working visitor at SonSet Solutions.”

Spring Break 2017 Impact

Have you ever tried to use two dimensions to determine distances in three? This was one of the challenges facing four of 23 college students who came to SonSet Solutions for their spring break last month. The Equipment Power Protection (EPP) device was created by SonSet Solutions to record erratic power fluctuations and protect equipment from these anomalies that occur in many parts of the world. Previously drawn in two dimensions, the students created a three-dimensional model of an assembled EPP to analyze the spacing of components. This helped the team discover problem areas and implement design changes. The improved unit is now better equipped to handle a variety of dangerous power fluctuations.

“Our program introduces college students to opportunities to use their growing skill set and gifting in ministry,” explains Scott McConnell our College Liaison and organizer of our spring break programs. Seven of the spring break students applied for summer internships. Their lives have been impacted by the spring break experience… and so have ours.

The “Secret” is Out!

We often hear people say SonSet Solutions is “the best kept secret in Elkhart, Indiana.” While we are flattered with the compliment, we don’t want to be hidden. So, we are creating new opportunities to spread the word about the ministry.

Last year we began hosting informational desserts – a series of intimate gatherings with our friends and their invited guests. These times are for sharing stories about the ministry, making new friends and inspiring them to partner with SonSet Solutions.

In February, we invited some local pastors and their spouses to join us for lunch. We shared how God is using technology to advance the gospel worldwide, and how their churches can join with us through prayer.

Then in February, President/CEO David Russell embarked on a representation tour around the state of Florida. He had 19 opportunities to share about the ministry in just 10 days. Many of his contacts heard about SonSet Solutions for the first time.

We need your help to spread the news about the work God is doing through the ministry of SonSet Solutions. Please tell your friends and churches about us and come in for a tour. Together, let’s get the “secret” out!

Donation Receipting

The term “administration” can sometimes conjure up rather monotonous mental imagery of desks, paperwork, and slow-moving clocks. But when it comes to the Great Commission, there’s a notably different side not often seen.

With a team of four, our Donation Management Team processes all donations and receipts. January is an especially busy month. “This time of year is all go because we print and mail annual statements to all of our donors,” says Receipting Assistant Monique Peacock. “But it’s also very exciting because we’re reminded how many people partner with SonSet Solutions through faithful donations. God has really blessed the ministry!”

In 2016, over 6,900 financial gifts were given to SonSet Solutions for ministry and missionary support. The Lord’s provision through your generosity is amazing – not only allowing SonSet Solutions to operate, but enabling us to bless others. Our desire is to act as a pipeline between you and those whose hearts and lives are forever changed by the gospel of Christ. It’s a great blessing to see first-hand the generous hearts of those who give, eager to see God’s Kingdom grow and expand around the world.

Engineering and Development

Engineer and StudentInterns and apprentices work alongside expert engineering missionaries and volunteers in SonSet Solutions’ Engineering and Development department. In 2015, they worked on 12 projects, including a water monitoring system, a solar lamp pole and recharging station, a new generation of the SonSet® radio, an equipment power protection unit, and improved broadcast equipment.

Engineering and development projects come directly from needs encountered by partners in the field. “Oftentimes technology that is commercially available doesn’t meet the needs of our ministry partners,” says Charlie Jacobson, manager of engineering and development. “That has motivated us to design solutions that meet needs with fairly simple, highly reliable, and less expensive equipment.”

Charlie adds, “God has gifted us with creative people, and we have an obligation to use those skills to advance the gospel and develop new solutions when appropriate. Creative design engineers can use their skills in an area that directly contributes to the advancement of the gospel. That is also why we invest heavily in students: We want them to realize that the creative bent that God has given them can be used in unique ways—even in missions.”