Praise & Prayer – Feb 21, 2017

New station for Nigeria – We are working with Ezekiel, a Nigerian pastor with United Missionary Church of Africa, to help him start a new Christian radio station in a region that has predominantly Muslim and African traditional religious worshipers (animists). Pray for this station to become a reality. It will be able to engage the local people in twelve languages.

Strengthening pastors in Panama – We are consulting with Reaching Across Ministries (RAM)  with the possibility of establishing a radio station in Panama. The mission of RAM is to assist small evangelical churches in developing in-house organic training programs. These programs prepare pastors and leaders to fulfill the Great Commission in small cities or disadvantaged communities.  Pray for their efforts to extend this ministry to the indigenous pastors in Panama.

Increasing the impact in PNG –  Last year we shipped equipment to Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for five complete radio stations. Once that equipment is installed, it will increase the number of stations in their network from 29 to 34. Wantok Radio Light is supported by faithful listeners and corporate organizations who share the ministry’s vision and mission. Pray for God’s continued provision for the finances needed to keep these stations going strong with Gospel programming.

Praise & Prayer – Feb 14, 2017

Program producers – Our partner Watchmen Ministries in Nepal produces programs in nine languages for broadcast in Asia and Africa. They oversee a network of pastors and evangelistic workers who produce these programs in field studios, including the program Voice of Salvation in Nepali for release in Nepal and India. Pray that the Lord will continue to provide believers to help with the program production.

Vision for Niger – 20 SonSet® radios and other equipment were shipped to Radio Fidelite, a ministry of Hosanna Institute of the Sahel (HIS), located in Niamey, Niger. The mission of HIS-USA is to assist HIS-Niger in its vision to accompany the Niger republic in its economic and social development through the establishment of a Christian institution that provides education, professional training, and healthcare for the whole man, both spiritually and physically. Pray for God’s blessing on this effort.

Staff travels – Many land and air miles are accumulated by our staff as they visit supporters around the country, do representation work, and take international trips to assist partners around the world. Pray for safety, stamina and God’s blessing as we carry out the work He has called us to do.

Praise & Prayer – Feb 8, 2017

Keeping the station running – We repaired a transmitter for Reach Beyond Sub-Saharan Africa for a Christian station in Madagascar. The gentleman maintaining the station is not a technical person. Pray for wisdom for him in keeping the station running.

Equipping students in Africa – We have assisted African Bible College (ABC) with stations in Malawi, Uganda and Liberia. The curriculum at the college requires all students to enroll in essential Biblical Studies courses, as well as general studies which help prepare students for a wide spectrum of Christian service careers. Pray for effectiveness as ABC seeks to equip students for both ministry in the church and service to the world.

Open doors – Praise the Lord for God’s blessing on a recent trip one of our engineers took to assist Reach Beyond Asia Pacific in training and transmitter repair. Several countries in this region are high on the priority list for installing new stations while there is an open door. Pray for these doors to remain open so many more people can be reached with the gospel message.

Praise & Prayer – Jan 31, 2017

Radios for Liberia – We thank the Lord for the church work team that processed 60 SonSet® radios for our SIM partner ELWA in Liberia. Radio ELWA started broadcasting on January 18, 1954. Pray for God’s leading as these radios are distributed and for receptive hearts to the message of the gospel.

Radios released – We asked you to pray for the release of 1,040 SonSet® radios sent to one of our partners in Africa in December. They just started a new FM station during 2016 that is reaching between 60 to 80 percent of their local community. Praise the Lord with us that these radios have been released! Pray with our partner that the Kingdom of God will be expanded throughout the region.

Praise & Prayer – Jan 23, 2017

Good News for Africa – Our partner DIGUNA was founded in 1972 and has about 220 missionaries with stations in Kenya, Congo, Uganda, South Sudan and Chad. DIGUNA provides technical assistance including the construction of radio towers and studios. They also assist with the electronic equipment necessary to broadcast. DIGUNA is a German abbreviation for “The Good News for Africa.” Pray that the Good News of Jesus Christ will penetrate the hearts of people in these countries.

Reaching the lost through relationships – Our partner Zoe Waters believes that the provision of the basic need of water opens the door to a relationship that may lead to the opportunity to share the gospel. This includes the pairing of audio gospel distribution with the provision of a village water well, all in conjunction with local pastors and missionaries who can continue to provide spiritual support to these previously unreached tribes. Pray for God’s blessing on this outreach.

New radio station – SonSet Solution’s history with a particular radio station in an undisclosed country began in 1997. They are on the air 24/7 with daily programs in the local language, as well as re-broadcasting a few programs in another language from additional studios. This station’s new transmitter and antenna are atop a 12,000-foot mountain giving it a reach across a huge area with a potential listening audience of 500,000 people. Pray that the word will spread and many will tune in to these broadcasts.

Praise & Prayer – Jan 16, 2017

Ministry expansion – We installed Radio Vision Global in Mirebalais, Haiti in 2011 for Global Vision Citadelle Ministries with a satellite downlink from 4VEH in Cap-Haitien. The station is at an orphanage, which has around 100 children. Pray for God’s wisdom and provision as they consider expanding the ministry.

Anticipation of a full studio – A few years ago, New Generation Ministries started a small radio station in Pass Rien, Haiti. They just received their permanent license and SonSet Solutions will be supplying a full studio. Pray that the SonSet® radios we send them will strengthen the desire of the people to hear gospel truth. The ministry also runs an orphanage, six churches, five schools and a medical care clinic.

Radios stuck in customs – Please pray for one of our partners in Africa, who just started a new FM station during 2016 that is reaching between 60 to 80 percent of their local community.  A shipment of 1,040 SonSet radios was sent to this station in December.  We just learned that the shipment is still stuck in customs.  Please pray that God would be at work in this situation and the radios would be released to the partner very soon.

Praise & Prayer – Jan 10, 2017

Radios for Peru – We shipped 540 SonSet® radios to Radio Logos in Chazuta, Peru.  Radio Logos broadcasts in 13 minority languages.  Please pray that this shipment will clear customs soon and be safely delivered to the ministry.  Historically, it has been challenging getting equipment into Peru.

Wisdom for engineer – Pray for wisdom for one of our engineers as he works on a customized installation for an antenna for our partner ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The goal is to establish a radio station outside of the country for broadcasting back into it.

Trip to Haiti – Pray for wisdom and provision for one of our staff and his team as he plans a February trip to assist our partner ministry Kids Alive International in Haiti.

Impact of radio in Gabu – Pray for our partner Servants to Missions and the impact of Radio Evangelica FM in Gabu, Guinea-Bissau. More than 1.5 million people live in the country with approximately 50 percent engaged in Spiritism, 45 percent Muslim and 5 percent Catholic. Only 0.5 percent are considered evangelical Christians.

Praise & Prayer – Jan 3, 2017

A light for Fiji – Our missionaries Alan and Sarah Good traveled to Fiji during the third quarter of 2016 to assist Radio Light, a ministry of EBM International, with studio equipment and transmitter repairs. Pray for the completion of the facilities so Alan can return to finish the installation.

Training videos – We developed technical training videos for our partner Reach Beyond for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Pray that these will be clear and beneficial for the maintenance and installation of broadcast equipment.

Broadcasts from Guam – From the island of Guam, TWR is able to broadcast over a vast area in 18 languages reaching numerous countries such as China, North Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, India and Indonesia. Pray for the maintenance and upkeep of the large high power transmitters that were designed by our engineers and that make it possible to reach these regions with the gospel.

Praise & Prayer – Dec 19, 2016

Congolese impacting Congo – Broadcast equipment was shipped to our partner Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC) for a new station in Beni. UCBC is leading Congo by modeling a type of education that is integrated and relevant for Congo’s challenges in the 21st century. Pray for students to be equipped to impact their country through courses rooted in Christian values.

Lightning strike – We provided a replacement antenna for a station in Banda, Democratic Republic of Congo, a ministry of the Evangelical Community Church in Africa (CECA-20), after their antenna was struck by lightning. The CECA-20 is involved in evangelization and church building, women’s work, education, theological training, radio stations, medical work, development and an AIDS awareness program.  Pray for God’s protection and provision for this great work in the northeast region of the country.

A growing body of believers – Radio Alpha Omega FM, located in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, is a Christian media ministry working together with local churches to proclaim the Good News. They are able to reach more than two million people.  Every year no less than 150 souls have been gained for Christ and at least three churches planted. Pray for the body of believers to continue to flourish as a result of this station.

First Christian missionary radio station – HCJB “The Voice of the Andes” was the first radio station with daily programming in Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. The station was founded in 1931. HCJB now focuses on Ecuador with unified programming in Pichincha, Manabi, Tungurahua, Cotopaxi and Esmeraldas. Pray for God’s favor as they must reapply for licensing.

Praise & Prayer – Dec 13, 2016

Broadcasts in Burkina Faso – Our partner Radio Evangile Developpement broadcasts over eight stations in Burkina Faso. More than twenty languages are aired reaching tens of thousands of people. Pray for lives to be changed as they learn how to apply the Bible to their hearts and lives.

Broadcasting the Great I AM – CIAM Radio began in 2001 with a burden and a vision to reach the Northern Alberta communities with the Good News Of Jesus Christ. CIAM reads “See, I AM” and refers to Exodus 3:14-15 where God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.” Pray that souls in the 21 communities receiving the broadcasts will come to a personal knowledge of the great I AM.

SonSet Solutions’ Personnel – Key positions are needed at SonSet Solutions. Some of the missionary service opportunities available are Human Resources Manager, Development Director, Multi-Media Specialist and Broadcast Technician. Pray for God to provide the right people for these important positions.