Praise and Prayer-July 20, 2018

SonSet Radios® for Indonesia – Praise God that a shipment of SonSet radios arrived safely in Indonesia.

SonSet Solutions Looks to the Future – Pray for God’s direction as SonSet Solutions’ Executive Management Team establishes goals and objectives for 2019. Pray that we use God’s resources wisely.

Interns Finishing Up Projects – Several summer interns are in the last weeks of their internship. Pray for good time management as they finish up projects. Pray also that God gives them future opportunities to use their newly-acquired skills for kingdom work.

Praise and Prayer-July 13, 2018

Radio Equipment Released from Customs – Praise God that the shipment of radio equipment sent to our partner in an undisclosed West African country (see June 15 prayer request) was finally received after being held in customs for nearly four months. Please pray that lives will be changed by this radio ministry.

Work Teams Prepare SonSet® Radios for Shipment to Burkina Faso – Pray for our SonSet Radio work team coordinator as she schedules and directs work teams that will help prepare 2000 SonSet radios for shipment by September to our partner in Burkina Faso. Pray also that, through their work here, each work team member will better understand how radios can be used to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

SonSet Solutions Begins Process for Selecting New Board Candidates – SonSet Solutions’ President David Russell requests prayer for wisdom and discernment for our mission’s Board Governance Committee as they consider some possible new board candidates.

Praise and Prayer-July 6, 2018

Return of SonSet team from Uganda following fruitful technical and media work – Praise the Lord for a fruitful trip by our Uganda team that has just arrived safely home. They provided urgent technical assistance to a community radio station that serves a large number of South Sudanese refugees who have found shelter in northern Uganda. They also captured stories of how God’s word aired from that station is impacting the lives of listeners.

Seeking connections through upcoming Community Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast – SonSet Solutions’ constant desire is to network with more people in our local community, sharing with them the great things we see the Lord doing through us and inviting them to get involved. Pray for meaningful connections at the Community Leaders’ Prayer Breakfast, scheduled for July 19.  

SonSet Solutions’ newest water monitors ready for installation – SonSet Solutions has created a water pump monitor for the India Mark II, the most commonly used hand-operated water pump in the world. Plans are being developed to install several monitors on pumps in Tanzania and Kenya to see how they function under real world conditions. Our monitors help keep the clean water flowing by providing a regular flow of data easily accessible on the Internet that can alert our partners when maintenance or repair is needed. Pray for our team as they work out the logistics for this trip and for God’s provision as funds are raised for this project.

Praise and Prayer-June 22, 2018

SonSet Radio Staff – Pray for our staff as they prepare SonSet® radios in advance of several upcoming work teams. Pray also for the Lord’s provision of funds through the “SonSet Radios: Delivering God’s Word” campaign. Several churches are showing interest in hosting a campaign.  

 Timely Shipment Release – Pray that a shipment of broadcast equipment would clear Ugandan customs in a timely and cost-effective manner so that it can meet up with our media team who is headed to a partner ministry there.

 Uganda Media Team – Pray for our team of media people who are in Uganda this week telling the story of one of our radio partners. Pray for safety, good connections with people, and skill in filming/telling a compelling story of how God is working in Uganda.

Praise and Prayer-June 15, 2018

Usalama FM – Please pray for the safe arrival of a coaxial cable that is being shipped to Usalama FM in Uganda. The cable needs to arrive and clear customs before our team arrives in the next couple of weeks so that it can be installed while the team is in Uganda. Pray too for the safe arrival of two engineers coming from a partner ministry in Kenya who will do the installation.

 Radio Equipment in Customs – Pray for the release of a shipment of radio equipment that we sent to a partner in an undisclosed West African country. The equipment has been in customs for two months now and the partner is anxious to get their radio station on the air.

 Planning for the Future – Pray for our management team as they begin the process of making strategic plans for our ministry in 2019. Pray for wisdom as they seek the Lord’s guidance regarding the opportunities for ministry that lay before us. Pray that we will be good stewards of the resources that the Lord has given us and continues to multiply.

Praise and Prayer-June 8, 2018

Sharing the SonSet Solutions story at Bible camp – A SonSet Solutions missionary and his family will be representing our ministry during the missions time at a family Bible camp during the week of June 10. Pray that the reports of God’s work around the world will be a blessing to the campers and motivate them to pray for the ministry of SonSet Solutions. In addition, ask God to stir the hearts of family campers to sponsor SonSet® radios for the Delivering God’s Word initiative.

SonSet® radio distribution – As a part of SonSet Solutions’ Delivering God’s Word campaign, SonSet Solutions is distributing SonSet radios to four partners in strategic locations around the world. Pray for wisdom as our staff works through the logistics and overcomes some “red tape” regarding the delivery process for two of our partners.

SonSet Solutions Canada – Pray for SonSet Solutions Canada as they work to get all the necessary organizational infrastructure in place. Also ask God to raise up many who will uphold this ministry with their prayer and financial support.

Praise and Prayer-June 1, 2018

Board of Directors meeting – SonSet Solutions Board of Directors meets June 1-2. Pray for wisdom as they review the past quarter’s ministry efforts and seek God’s direction regarding future ministry.

Opportunity to host broadcasters meeting – Recently SonSet Solutions hosted the annual meeting of the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters. Among the notes of thanks we received was the following comment: “Every SonSet [Solutions] staffer I met exuded the kind of spirit that made me feel comfortable, welcome, and clearly reflected the spirit of Christ.” Praise the Lord for this impact. Pray that we will always walk humbly before the Lord and be his faithful representatives.

New radio station in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – SonSet Solutions sent radio equipment to Gemena, DRC, for a second station operated by our partner Radio Alpha Omega FM. As they begin another radio ministry, please pray that many will respond to the gospel message.

Praise and Prayer-May 25, 2018

SonSet Solutions video team to film in refugee camp – A SonSet Solutions missionary, a summer intern, and two working visitors will be traveling to Uganda this summer to create a video about partnerships, featuring SonSet Solutions’ partnership with High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministry and their radio station in the refugee camp in the Adjumani district of northern Uganda. Please pray for wisdom as details are finalized, for safety as they travel, and for an enriching and useful educational experience for our intern.

Radio Kahuzi is back on the air – Praise God that the shortwave broadcasts of Radio Kahuzi in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are back on the air after a move to a new location. SonSet Solutions provided them with a new antenna and technical support for the move. An email from the field reports the radio equipment is working well and producing a strong signal.

New FM radio station in Peru – The impact of SonSet Solutions is ultimately experienced through the fruitfulness of those we serve with technology-based solutions for advancing the gospel. Please pray for Radio Logos in the northeastern Amazon region of Peru. They have been licensed for a new FM station and must be on the air by June 16. Some of the critical equipment must still be shipped and successfully navigate customs.

Praise and Prayer-May 18, 2018

Successful repairs made and broadcasts resumed in Central African Republic – Praise the Lord for a successful trip to the Central African Republic for one of our team members. He was able to diagnose a technical problem and get partner ministry Water for Good’s radio station back on the air. He also made an overall assessment of the radio station infrastructure and will be able to advise regarding future updates.

Ministry workers needed – Ask the Lord to lead us to just the right people who can fill critically important ministry functions at SonSet Solutions in Student Mobilization and Public Relations.

Open doors for ministry collaboration – Praise God for visits on the same day from two like-minded organizations that were excited to explore new areas of ministry collaboration with SonSet Solutions. Pray that as new doors of opportunity open we will be faithful to make the most of them.

Praise and Prayer-May 11, 2018

Restoring broadcasts in Central African Republic – A SonSet Solutions engineer’s trip to the Central African Republic (CAR) for our partner Water for Good to repair their radio station’s transmitter was postponed due to an airline strike and inter-faith violence in the capital (see prayer request for 5-4-18). The violence has been quelled and the flights resumed. Our engineer left for the CAR on 5-10-18. Pray for wisdom as he repairs the transmitter and for safety as he works and travels in the country.

Ministries explore expanded collaboration – SonSet Solutions partners with Water Mission to provide monitors for the clean water wells and water systems they install in needy communities abroad.  Leadership from both missions met recently to explore ideas for further collaboration. Pray for wisdom as they consider future ministry opportunities.

Christian radio ministry in Papua New Guinea relocating to more secure site – Wantok Radio Light, a Christian radio ministry in Papua New Guinea and partner of SonSet Solutions, is seeking to move their shortwave site to a more secure location but approval by the country’s regulatory agency has been delayed. Please pray for the necessary documents to be obtained and approval given.