Praise and Prayer-Mar 16, 2018

Technical Training for Gospel Ministry – High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries brings the hope of the gospel to refugees in camps in Uganda through the ministry of Christian radio. A representative of that ministry will come to SonSet Solutions during the week of March 25, to receive technical training. Pray that he will be able to acquire information and skills needed to maintain the ministry.

Student Mobilization – Three back-to-back weeks of our spring break initiative made it possible for 27 students from seven colleges to apply their skills and education to current projects at SonSet Solutions. Pray that this hands-on exposure to world missions will bear fruit in the lives of these young people.

Nationwide Christian Radio to Resume in Papua New Guinea – Two years ago, the Wantok Radio Light (WRL) shortwave station with nationwide coverage was ransacked and silenced by thieves. A replacement station was on hold until a more secure location was found. Pray for wisdom as the staff of WRL and SonSet Solutions formulate plans for reinstalling the shortwave station at the new location.

Praise and Prayer-Mar 9, 2018

SonSet® Radios– SonSet Solutions is strategizing with ministries in Uganda, Burkina Faso, Papua New Guinea (PNG), and Peru as to how to equip them with many more SonSet radios in order to expand their listening audiences. Praise the Lord for the solid information gained recently from partner ministries Radio Usalama in Uganda and Wantok Radio Light in PNG.

Update: Papua New Guinea Earthquake – Three of Wantok Radio Light’s repeater stations were knocked off the air in the recent earthquake. Pray that the affected stations will be quickly restored and broadcasts resumed.

Challenges to Radio in South Sudan – God is enabling a ministry partner to establish a Christian radio station in South Sudan despite dangers and many logistical challenges. Pray for the successful completion of the project and that many will hear and respond to the gospel.

Praise and Prayer-Feb 28, 2018

Volunteer help – We praise the Lord that 3,600 SonSet® radios arrived safely in our facility this week. Pray for the volunteer help we will need as we prepare these radios for ministry partners around the world.

Recent earthquake – A magnitude 7.5 earthquake recently caused extensive damage and many deaths in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Pray for the country of Papua New Guinea and our partner Wantok Radio Light as they broadcast in this area and minister to their people through the radio.

Spring Break 2018 – During the weeks of March 4, 11 and 18, SonSet Solutions will be hosting spring break students. So far 27 students from seven colleges will be serving alongside our staff. Pray for God’s blessing on this experience, both for the students and our staff.

Praise and Prayer-Feb 22, 2018

Christian radio in Cameroon – Dr. Feumba Samen is interested in starting a Christian radio station in Cameroon and recently visited the Broadcast Services Department at SonSet Solutions. Please pray for guidance as he works through all the legal details to make that happen.

Board of directors – SonSet Solutions’ board of directors will have their quarterly meeting on Saturday, March 3. Pray for wisdom and unity of spirit as they meet and discuss important topics. Pray too that God will bless each board member and their service to this ministry.

Holding off on radio station – We have been helping TransformAsia as they work to get a radio station started in Cambodia. Pray for peace in Cambodia and wisdom for TransformAsia to know how and when to proceed with the development of this new ministry.

Praise and Prayer-Feb 12, 2018

Strengthening our partners’ technical abilities – Instead of traveling to locations around the world, our engineers are often able to assist ministry partners by phone, email, Skype and text helping them with troubleshooting, repair and installation of equipment. This saves time and resources and allows our partners to not only improve in their technical abilities but take ownership in the care of their equipment. Pray that we can continue to enable and strengthen our partners in this way.

Expanding their reach – Our partner My Refuge Christian Radio was started in 1994 and became the first Christian radio station in Belize. Today they operate stations in two different cities. In 2009 they were invited by Plus TV, a Christian Cable Television Broadcast, to bring one of their radio shows to television. This allows them to reach five of the six districts in the country. Pray that God will continue to open doors for the light of Christ to shine on the people of Belize.

Network of radio stations – We recently assisted Radio Del Campo Boliviano with broadcasting equipment. Radio del Campo Boliviano is setting up a network of radio stations throughout Bolivia.  They are a grass roots group working as Christian community radio reaching people groups especially in the country. Pray for God’s continued provision of the volunteers who make operation of the station possible.

Praise and Prayer-Feb 7, 2018

Carribean Radio Lighthouse – Our partner Caribbean Radio Lighthouse in Antigua was affected by the string of hurricanes that barreled through the Caribbean Islands last year. They called recently to request some sample SonSet® radios for their station. Pray for the staff of this radio station as they broadcast hope to the islands surrounding them in the wake of the devastation that occurred on many of those islands.

Reach Beyond Australia – Continue praying for Reach Beyond Australia as they broadcast in shortwave to countries in the South Pacific and India. Recent reports indicate that they receive approximately 2,500 letters, e-mails, and text messages each year, mostly from India. Pray for effective ministry opportunities for this radio ministry.

SonSet Radios – We have recently placed another order for SonSet radios with the manufacturer. Pray for a good response to upcoming fundraisers that will allow us to place these radios with four strategic radio partners who have expressed a specific need for them.

Praise and Prayer-Jan 29, 2018

Reaching the lost through relationships – Our partner Zoe Waters believes that the provision of the basic need of water opens the door to a relationship that may lead to the opportunity to share the gospel. This includes the pairing of audio gospel distribution with the provision of a village water well, all in conjunction with local pastors and missionaries who can continue to provide spiritual support to these previously unreached tribes. Pray for God’s blessing on this outreach.

Spring Break 2018 – Our Spring Break 2018 opportunities for college students are now available on our website. Pray for wisdom for students as they consider whether to invest their spring break by exploring how God can use their education for missions. Pray that the Lord will lead many students to join us this March.

Harvesters International – Praise the Lord for a successful trip Cody and Emily made recently to Harvesters International in Kenya to install two SonSetLink™ water monitors. Pray for changed lives in the people who received the audio Bibles that Cody and Emily took with them to distribute in the communities they visited.

Praise and Prayer-Jan 22, 2018

Radios for Alaska – We have been providing SonSet® radios for Radio KYKD, a ministry of Voice for Christ Ministries (VFCM), in Bethel, Alaska. VFCM believes that radio is the most effective means to spread biblical teaching and the gospel of Jesus Christ in the state of Alaska. Radio can overcome the obstacles of Alaska’s vast size, its harsh and unpredictable weather, and the cultural barriers amongst native and non-native rural residents. Pray for God’s provision for more radios to be able to reach many in remote areas.

Technology for safe water – We have been providing SonSetLink remote monitoring systems for Water Mission, a non-profit Christian engineering organization that designs, builds, and implements safe water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) solutions for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Since 2001, Water Mission has used innovative technology and engineering expertise to provide access to safe water for more than 3 million people in 52 countries. Pray for God’s continued blessing on our joint efforts to provide safe water around the world.

Local Spanish Christian programming – We provide technical assistance to WLDC in Goshen, Indiana. WLDC, La Luz de Cristo, is a low-power FM radio station owned by Iglesia Sinai Pentecostes, Inc. and airs Spanish Christian programming. Pray that the local Spanish population will be strengthened in the faith through the programming.

Praise and Prayer-Jan 15, 2018

Water monitors and audio Bibles – Two of our staff members are traveling to Kenya to install two water monitors and provide 187 audio Bibles for pastors to distribute to their communities. They will also be documenting the trip with photos and information to be able to share stories of what God is doing. The trip is relatively short and there is much to do. Pray for God’s favor and that God will be glorified through all that is done.

Impacting four goals through one means – A local Michigan church is excited about taking the message of Jesus Christ to Kenya, Africa.  Their efforts in Kenya center around 4 key areas: Churches that bring Jesus to the 800,000 Pokots that have never heard the name of Jesus; wells that bring clean water to thousands of desperate people; clinics bringing health to the sick and dying; and orphan care and education. By investing in the mission station at Lomut, they are able to impact all four goals at once. Pray for wisdom as they consider how best we can assist them.

Sharing Audio/Visual biblical content off the grid – Our partner Renew World Outreach provides equipment that allows the audio Bible and the JESUS Film to be shared in “off the grid” locations around the world without using a generator or fuel. Their systems are purposefully designed to carry the gospel message from the Amazon jungle to the African bush to the Middle Eastern desert. Pray for God to continue to bless our partnership and the equipment we contribute toward this effort.

Praise and Prayer-Jan 9, 2018

Utilizing radio to increase effectiveness – Pascal, former director of Youth for Christ in Tanzania, began a new ministry called Milestone to train Tanzanians how to be missionaries. To date, over 300 graduates have been trained and sent out to the harvest! Pascal contacted SonSet Solutions because he wants to utilize radio to increase the effectiveness of the ministry. It is also another skill that Milestone graduates can use to earn a living while serving as missionaries. Pray for God’s provision of all that is needed to get the station up and running.

Teaching through multiple formats and ministries – Recently we provided consultation for Bible Basics International on an FM tower installation in Togo. Our work with Bible Basics International dates back to 1999. Bible Basics became international in Honduras in the late 1980s, in India in the late 1990s, and in Togo, Africa and Haiti in 2010. Bible Basics continues to emphasize the priority of teaching the basic truths of God’s Word through multiple formats and ministries. Pray that the simple truths of God’s Word will penetrate the hearts of those to whom it is sent.

Cedarville University missions conference – Cody, Emily and Mike are at the Cedarville University missions conference this week. We dedicated their time to the Lord before they left. Pray that they can have good interactions with the students and motivate them to consider a career in missions.