Praise and Prayer-June 21, 2017

Gospel resistance – Radio Evangelica FM, a ministry of our partner Servants to Missions, is broadcasting in Guinea-Bissau, a country where 50 percent of the population are engaged in Spiritism. A few years after Radio Evangelica went on the air, our engineers set up a shortwave station which was eventually shut down by the government. They also restricted religious FM broadcasts and, as a result, Radio Evangelica FM is only allowed to broadcast at low power. Pray for the Lord to work in the hearts of those who are resistant to the gospel message.

Monitoring the flow of the usage of biblical content – We recently provided 32 satellite modems for a ministry that creates local Wi-Fi hotspots for downloading biblical content to mobile media devices in remote areas. They will be integrating their Wi-Fi device with our remote monitoring service, which will allow them to monitor the usage of biblical content and more effectively tailor their efforts for the greatest impact of gospel truth. Pray for wisdom as they seek to reach communities in this strategic way.

Retirement serving the Lord – Stanley Stankovich, a local, retired businessman, devotes his retirement to serving the Lord as a radio ministry missionary. He has purchased and taken hundreds of SonSet® radios to Christian radio stations in Haiti. The national pastors take them to remote villages as a means of spreading the gospel. Stanley has also recorded several radio broadcasts while in Haiti. Pray for the Lord to give Stanley continued strength and blessing in his work for the Lord.

Praise and Prayer-June 13, 2017

Shifting to mobile media – We have a team of missionaries and summer interns traveling to Burkina Faso to investigate mobile media solutions for our partner Radio Evangile Developpment (RED). Mobile phones are becoming prevalent in West Africa and the director of RED is eager to reach the younger generation which is readily adopting this new technology. Pray that our team’s efforts will lay the groundwork for the leaders of RED to transform their ministry as the communication landscape in the country shifts.

Reaching people in their heart language – We continue to provide technical support for Theovision, an international non-profit Christian organization dedicated to serving the body of Christ by spreading the gospel to the nations of Africa in their indigenous languages. Theovision has recorded audio Bibles in over 297 African languages in more than 35 African countries. Pray for continued open doors in villages, churches, schools, prisons and hospitals where they minister the Word of God.

Praise and Prayer-June 6, 2017

Radio HCJB in Ecuador – Our partner Radio HCJB in Ecuador is waiting for the approval of their frequency. There is another entity vying for that same frequency. Pray for Radio HCJB to find favor in the eyes of the regulating authorities. They have been broadcasting Christian programming for over 85 years.

Waiting for license – Our partner Radio Mera in Ecuador is waiting for its license from the government to continue broadcasting. They had to put their license in a pool for the government to decide if they are able to continue or not. Radio Mera 1380 is a traditional radio station in Ambato that transmits on AM. Their unmatched style has made them a favorite station in the region. They have been operating since 1958 and are the only Christian radio originating in Ambato for the province of Tungurahua. Pray for God to work in the hearts of government officials to reinstate their license.

Reaching German-speaking listeners – We recently built, tested and installed a transmitter for Vozandes Media in Ecuador. Vozandes Media is a new mission started in Quito by the German Language Service of Reach Beyond Latin America to keep some of the shortwave on the air after Reach Beyond-LAR ended shortwave broadcasts in 2009. Vozandes Media is reaching German-speaking listeners in 60 countries. Pray for God’s blessing on the transmission of this programming which also provides the signal for thousands of fixed-tuned radios.

Praise and Prayer-May 31, 2017

Transmitter troubleshooting – We are troubleshooting transmitter anomalies for Radio Alpha Omega located in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. Radio Alpha Omega is a Christian media ministry working together with local churches to proclaim the Good News. In 2009 they set up their own radio station. Now they are able to reach more than 2 million. Each year at least 3 churches have been planted. Pray for wisdom as we help to get them back to full transmission capacity.

Making a difference for students – SonSet Solutions recently coordinated four construction work teams for Kids Alive International in the Dominican Republic. These teams worked on a school which presently serves over 260 children and youth. Kids Alive is a Christian faith mission dedicated to rescuing orphans and vulnerable children – meeting their spiritual, physical, educational and emotional needs. Pray that these students will be well prepared both academically and spiritually for life beyond school.

Praise and Prayer-May 22, 2017

Broadcasts blanketing Central African Republic – We have partnered with Water for Good since 2004 setting up a shortwave radio station and satellite antennas for accessing the Internet and French programs through TWR. The broadcasts blanket the entire country of Central African Republic and include programs on AIDS prevention, orphan care, well repair and other community development initiatives. Pray for hearts and lives to be transformed by the messages going out over the airwaves.

Custom designed antennas – We tailored a design for two antennas which we built and shipped to Radio Kahuzi in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a ministry of Believer’s Express Service. A new studio location is being considered and will determine which antenna design is used. Pray for God’s clear leading as they seek to expand into Rwanda and for God’s favor through the permit application process.

University broadcasts – We repaired a transmitter for Christian Bilingual University of Congo (UCBC). Launched in 2007, UCBC is a 4-year, liberal arts institution that offers undergraduate (bachelor’s) degrees rooted in a Christian vision of transformation.  Its enrollment is approximately 500.  In 2011, it was selected as one of only two universities in Congo to pilot a new curriculum system for the country. Pray for God’s blessing on the students and the outreach of the school’s radio station.

Praise and Prayer-May 15, 2017

Missionary appointees – SonSet Solutions has two single appointees and two appointee couples raising support to join the ministry full time. Pray for stamina through this journey and that God would go before them and prepare their team of supporters.

Summer interns – We are grateful for our six summer interns who are serving with us this summer. Pray for God’s blessing on their experience as well as those families who are hosting them.

A blessing in New Brunswick – We have worked with station CJRI in Fredericton, New Brunswick, a ministry of Faithway Communications, Inc. since 2009. CJRI 104.5 serves the greater Fredericton area (New Brunswick, Canada) with Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, and Praise music, with local news, detailed weather, and extensive coverage of local events. Pray that this station will continue to be a blessing to those who hear.

Praise and Prayer-May 8, 2017

Equipment failure – My Refuge Christian Radio began broadcasting in 1994 and was the first Christian radio station in Belize. They operate two stations. We are trying to help them with recent equipment failures. Pray for wisdom as we decide how best to help. They are interested in one of our technicians traveling to Belize to provide transmitter repair training.

Broadcasting in five languages – We provide consultation for ministry partners around the world. One of these partners was New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360) with regard to the Chimane Radio ministry in San Borja, Bolivia. Chimane Radio has been broadcasting messages of hope in five languages to many people groups who listen daily for their language to come on the air waves. Pray that the people will choose to follow Jesus as a result of the broadcasts.

Good opportunity – We have been helping a new Christian radio ministry in Bolivia, Radio del Campo Boliviano (RCB), with trouble-shooting a transmitter they inherited. RCB is a barebones operation largely working as volunteers, but they have legally obtained broadcast licenses and the government is actually favoring them. They see this as a really good opportunity to reach out with the Gospel! Pray for receptive hearts to the message.

Praise and Prayer-May 2, 2017

Feeding program for Congo – Praise the Lord that the funding came in and logistical health insurance issues were resolved for two of our staff members and their children to be able to go to the Republic of Congo. They will be implementing a feeding program at Pioneer Christian Hospital. Pray for health and strength for the tasks that lie ahead, peace as they live out of suitcases for a few months, and the Lord’s will to be done regarding the feeding program and their work at the hospital.

Station restoration following fire – We have been in correspondence with Radio KNWJ in American Samoa, a ministry of Showers of Blessings, regarding a replacement transmitter and antenna equipment needed to restore the station after a fire. Our work with Radio KNWJ began in 2000. Their call letters, KNWJ, stand for “Know Nothing Without Jesus.” Pray that the station can get back to full operation soon.

Reaching the Asia Pacific region – We continue to provide support and parts for several HC100s (100,000-watt shortwave transmitters) located around the world. One of these is in the hands of Reach Beyond Australia. Reach Beyond Australia carries programming to the Asia Pacific Region in 30 languages.  They have received reception reports from more than 57 countries. Pray that these powerful transmitters will continue strong, reaching this region of the world with Gospel programming.

Praise and Prayer-April 24, 2017

Reaching remote fishing villages in Alaska – Radio KYKD, a ministry of Voice for Christ Ministries, distributed their second supply of SonSet® radios by snowmobile to the indigenous people who live in remote fishing villages in the KYKD listening area. Radio KYKD is asking for more radios! Please pray for God’s provision so the Yup’ik people can be reached with the good news of the love of Jesus.

Providing sustainable water – An order of 55 remote monitoring systems were built and shipped to Water Mission for their water system installations. Pray for their efforts to provide sustainable safe water and sanitation for people in developing countries and disaster areas. Water Mission has served 50 different countries on 5 different continents.

Community radio station in Zambia – We shipped a transmitter and other radio station equipment to Premier One Love FM, a ministry associated with High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries, in Lusaka. Broadcasts are able to reach the entire Lusaka province and surrounding towns. Pray for God’s blessing on the installation of the equipment and Premier One Love’s efforts to reach their people with the gospel message.

Praise and Prayer-April 18, 2017

Sustaining clean water – We are consulting with Oasis World Ministries (OWM) about the possibility of using our water monitors with their water projects around the world. OWM has drilled over 380 fresh-water wells in third-world villages that provide the daily water needs for more than 190,000 men, women and children. Pray that these wells continue to function and can be a reliable source of fresh water for these villagers.

Monitoring biblical content – We are working with Renew Outreach to monitor biblical content distribution on their LightStream device. Their equipment provides the ability to share the audio Bible and the JESUS Film in “off the grid” locations around the world without using a generator or fuel. Their systems are purposefully designed to carry the Gospel message from the Amazon jungle to the African bush to the Middle Eastern desert. Pray that many will be reached through this technology.

Partner TWR – We have worked closely with TWR over the years providing four 100,000-watt shortwave transmitters as well as FM transmitters. Several of their personnel are seconded to SonSet Solutions. TWR’s calling is to reach the world for Christ by mass media so that lasting fruit is produced. Pray for God’s blessing on this ministry and these efforts.