Praise and Prayer-Dec 11, 2017

Medical staff needed – We are grateful for the work of one of our missionary families who traveled to the Republic of Congo to help Pioneer Christian Hospital and Radio Sango Kitoko, ministries of Global Outreach Mission. They were able to successfully set up a patient feeding program, do repairs at both the hospital and radio station, and monitor power conditions. We also sent 60 SonSet® radios. Pray as the primary missionary doctor is home for a year on furlough, that the Lord would provide the staff needed to keep things running smoothly.

Open doors – We have assisted our partner Reach Beyond Europe/Eurasia with expertise for ministries in over 20 countries in this region over the years. Pray for continued open doors for the gospel message.

Radio leads to churches – We assisted Restore FM, a radio ministry of High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries in Rwanda, with equipment. One of the country’s first evangelical radio stations, Restore FM 98.0 began by encouraging listeners with biblical truth through music and message. As listeners responded, the Rwandan-born pastor who started the station visited each community and wherever possible began and built a community church. Today he has planted 80 churches in Rwanda. Pray for continued church growth as a result of the broadcasts.

Youth for Christ – Our work in Samoa began with a partnership with Youth for Christ Ministries in 1997. SonSet Solutions was involved in installing the original equipment for Laufou Christian Radio. Youth for Christ’s team conducts rallies, high school ministry, street evangelism, radio programs, sports, prison, youth guidance, and village Bible studies.  They also conduct leadership training, mentoring and discipleship and ministry for young couples, young women and singles. Pray for laborers for this fertile ministry.

Praise and Prayer-Dec 4, 2017

Electrical power issues – We are working with Crown FM in Nigeria and recently shipped an antenna for their new station. Pray for the wisdom and discernment they need to overcome the electrical power issues keeping them from going on the air.

New radio station – We did some FM coverage plots for Diospi Suyana for four locations in Peru. Diospi Suyana, which means “We trust in God” in Quechua, was founded as a medical ministry by Drs. Klaus-Dieter and Tina John from Germany in 2002. The hospital has been in operation since October 2007. Pray for clarity as they consider the best location for an accompanying radio station.

New FM signal – Radio Logos is in the process of adding an FM signal to its shortwave broadcast operation in Peru. The FM station will broadcast in the Spanish and San Martin Quechua languages. The shortwave signal is focused on groups in the outlying areas. Radio Logos is in the process of purchasing land on which they can erect an FM tower. The FM transmitter which originated here at SonSet Solutions and was paid for by Reach Beyond, arrived in country recently. Pray for God’s blessing as a group of trained local believers operate the new station.

Recent Board Meeting – We praise the Lord for a productive and encouraging Board of Directors meeting that took place last weekend. Pray that each board member will be used greatly of God in their service to this ministry. Pray too for new member Gary Habegger, as he transitions onto the board.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 27, 2017

New station in undisclosed country – We received an order from a partner in Africa for radio equipment for an undisclosed country. We also had a local church work team help us process SonSet® radios for this station. This station will go into an area of more than 10,000 inhabitants without a Christian FM radio station and with an animist/Islamic background. Pray for the power of God’s word to penetrate hearts and transform lives.

Broadcasts in connection with Christian Institution – We tested and processed an order of SonSet® radios from Reach Beyond SonSet Effect for Hosanna Institute of the Sahel (HIS) in Niger. The mission of HIS-USA is to assist HIS-Niger in its vision to accompany the Niger republic in its economic and social development through the establishment of a Christian institution that provides education, professional training, and healthcare for the whole man, both spiritually and physically. Pray that these radios will be instrumental in fulfilling this vision.

Year-End Campaign 2017 – Pray that God will continue to supply the financial needs of SonSet Solutions as we conclude the first month of our annual year-end funding campaign this week. Pray that God will motivate His people to come alongside us as we seek to provide technology-based solutions that advance the gospel worldwide.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 20, 2017

Reaching further – We are working with TWR on a project in Malawi as they expand their FM network with an additional repeater. Their intention is to extend the signal further north to reach another district with gospel programming. Pray for continued growth in the listenership of the radio station.

Open door – We continue to assist our partner Reach Beyond Asia Pacific. Currently, countries in Southeast Asia are high on the priority list for installing new stations while there is an open door. We send many pieces of equipment to them and many times never know the final destination. Over the years, we have assisted ministries in 25 countries in the Asia Pacific region with equipment, service, consultation, and training.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 13, 2017

Support for station in Liberia – We are working with Radio Bethel in Liberia to help them get their transmitter repaired following what they believe was the result of a lightning strike. The original manufacturer does not support these particular transmitters anymore. Pray for wisdom as we determine how best to help them.

Radios for Malawi – Reach Beyond SonSet Effect is a program of Reach Beyond that raises funds for SonSet® radios in order to provide them to its participating ministries. We received an order from Reach Beyond SonSet Effect for 500 SonSet radios for a partner in Malawi. Part of our preparation work included having a work team come from College Baptist Church in Hillsdale, Michigan to help us process the radios and get them ready for shipment. Pray that these little missionaries will be effective instruments in the Lord’s hands.

SonSet Solutions’ year-end campaign – SonSet Solutions’ year-end campaign for 2017 kicked off on November 1. Our goal is to raise $353,000 by the end of the year. We are almost halfway there! In order to encourage early participation, some of our board members have committed to match all campaign gifts in the month of November up to $30,000. Pray for the Lord’s provision of the funds needed to continue the work of SonSet Solutions.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 6, 2017

Positive reports from listeners – Vozandes Media is continuing broadcasts to German-speaking listeners in 60 countries. Shortwave broadcasts from Ecuador continue in German and Low German to the Americas while digital shortwave broadcasts are sparking positive reports from listeners in Europe and the Americas. We have been assisting Vozandes Media with audio streaming solutions. Pray that lives will continue to be changed as a result of the broadcasts.

God’s supply for the demands – The Reach Beyond Sub-Saharan Africa Region was established in 1997 with an office in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, and moved to Accra in 2005. We have assisted ministries in over 30 countries in the region. Pray for God’s supply for the demands of this large region and the relatively few staff who serve there.

Praise and Prayer-Oct 30, 2017

Providing practical assistance while creating community – A local church brought one of our solar media centers with a missions team to Kenya and are interested in obtaining additional units for use in Haiti or the Dominican Republic. Pray that many more ministries will see the benefit of these units that are providing practical assistance and creating community, thereby opening opportunities to share biblical truth.

A better way – We have been providing signal coverage plots for potential stations in Kenya for our partner DIGUNA. Some of these regions have been faced with much heavy inter-clan fighting, a significant illiteracy level and poverty. They are also un-evangelized. Pray that God will bring everything together for the planting of these stations and that people will not only learn a better way of living, but come to experience the life-giving message that makes that possible.

Getting WIVV back on the air – We have raised almost $6,000 toward our emergency relief campaign for our partner station WIVV on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques. We are hoping to reach at least $20,000 to be able to help get the station up and running. Pray for God’s provision and for His direction as we begin the process of restoring this vital communication link and getting this powerful beacon of hope back on the air.

Praise and Prayer-Oct 23, 2017

Life-saving information – Our partner Radio 4VEH has been broadcasting across Haiti and beyond to reach Haitians for Christ and transform the lives of individuals and society. Radio 4VEH reaches up to one million listeners every day in Haiti and neighboring islands on AM, FM and worldwide at Part of the station’s broadcasting lineup includes health programs. Pray as they address the lingering cholera epidemic that followed the earthquake in 2010. Life-saving information is being shared in more ways than one.

Logistical preparations One of our engineers is preparing for a trip to Haiti to smooth the way for another trip early next year in which he will train the staff of Radio Lumiere and get them set up using the digital music software we created for them. Radio Lumiere network boasts of 10 AM and FM radio stations and covers 94 percent of the island with Christian broadcasting. Pray that our engineer will be able to accomplish all the details necessary both before and during this trip.

Multiplying souls – We continue to supply equipment for partner Reach Beyond-Asia Pacific. They have worked in Indonesia since 2003. As of 2012, they had installed 50+ FM station across Indonesia, all working in partnership with indigenous Indonesian mission groups and local churches. An estimated three to five persons a week were coming to Christ through each station, with approximately 11,000 decisions for Christ per year. In 2016, five new stations were installed. Pray that God will continue to multiply souls for His kingdom through this outreach.

Praise and Prayer-Oct 17, 2017

“God’s Vision” – Our partnership with Theovision International based in Ghana began in 2008 to help the ministry put community radio stations on the air and serve in community development throughout Africa. Theovision, “God’s Vision,” comprises God-fearing people with professional skills in sound engineering, radio, television, training, audio/visual production, and healthcare services who use modern technology to promote the gospel. Pray that God would continue to raise up and equip laborers for this effective ministry.

LifePumps – One of our engineers recently traveled to Haiti to assist Design Outreach with a water pump project and distributed 15 Audio Bibles as a gift from SonSet Solutions. Design Outreach came up with the innovative LifePump, which is capable of bringing up water from deep underground reservoirs in parched lands such as those in Central Africa. Pray for wisdom for our engineers who are working to develop a monitoring system for the pumps.

Outreach in Haiti – From the beginning, the mission of New Generation Ministries has been “to come alongside the people of Haiti to help them help themselves attain a sustainable life in Christ, with a real hope for the future.” In this endeavor, SonSet Solutions supplied equipment turning their small radio station into a full studio. Our fixed-tuned SonSet® radios were also shipped allowing locals to tune in to the broadcasts. Pray for founders Mike and Chris Leland that God would continue to direct them in this outreach to the people of Haiti.

Praise and Prayer-Oct 9, 2017

Damage from Hurricane Maria – Our friends at The Rock Radio Network in Puerto Rico have three AM radio stations that are off the air due to damage from Hurricane Maria. Pray for the funds needed to be able to get them back on the air.

“Voice of the Andes” – HCJB, “The Voice of the Andes,” was the first radio station with daily programming in Ecuador and the first Christian missionary radio station in the world. The station was founded in 1931. Continue to pray that the renewing of their license would be granted. There is another applicant vying for the same frequency. Pray also for a movie they have recently released that it will be a great and bold witness for the Lord.

Fundraising Sharathon – Longtime partner Wantok Radio Light, the national Christian station in Papua New Guinea, is holding their fundraising sharathon. Pray that people will give generously and that hearts will continue to be touched and come to faith in Christ as a result of the broadcasts.