Prayer and Praise-Aug 14, 2020

Maranatha Conference – SonSet Solutions will be the featured missionary organization at Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference this upcoming week. Please pray for the hearts of those who will hear about the Lord’s work through SonSet Solutions as well as for our staff that will be at the conference from August 16-21.

Travel by Sea – Please continue to pray for the shipment of 3,600 SonSet® radios traveling by sea to Mombasa, Kenya and then by land to Uganda, for ultimate delivery to northern Uganda. They are estimated to arrive by the end of August. Pray also for the arrangements made to transport the radios to High Adventure in northern Uganda for distribution among the refugee camps there. The radio programs share the gospel and offer hope to so many refugees.

Burkina Faso Shipment Update – We praise the Lord that we, staff and spouses, have been able to prepare 1,200 SonSet radios in a short time to join a shipment headed to Burkina Faso. These radios will accompany other broadcast equipment (including 2,400 radios previously sent) in a container that is headed to Radio Évangile Développement (R.E.D.). Please pray that this equipment will arrive safely and quickly so that R.E.D. can continue to bring light and hope to Burkina Faso.

Prayer and Praise-Aug 7, 2020

VBS – A church in New York is raising funds for SonSet® radios during their vacation Bible school outreach this week, beginning August 8. Please pray for the children and families that will attend and hear the gospel as well as the hearts that will also hear about SonSet radios.

Praise the Lord – In spite of the coronavirus shutdowns worldwide, we assisted almost exactly the same number of ministries in the first half of 2020 as we did in the first half of 2019. Join us in praise to the Lord! We are grateful that He is still working mightily through SonSet Solutions.

Shipment to Burkina Faso – A large shipment of SonSet radios is being sent to Radio Évangile Développement. Pray as we prepare 1,200 more radios to ship in a container headed to Burkina Faso. These radios will accompany other broadcast equipment, including 2,400 radios already sent for shipment in the container.

Prayer and Praise-July 31, 2020

Monitors for Malawi Update – Pray for the shipment that has arrived in Malawi. It contains 10 Afridev monitors and three LifePump monitors for two of our partners. Please pray for it to clear customs quickly, without exorbitant fees, so reliable water can be provided for several communities as soon as possible. Pray for the hearts of those who will hear about the Living Water as a result.

Papua New Guinea – Wantok Radio Light currently has many needs. Though they have 30 broadcast sites, 15 are off the air, and their spare transmitters are also down. As a result, many are not able to hear the gospel right now. Please pray for wisdom during this challenging time, as well as for their repair (and financial) needs, and for SonSet Solutions as we come alongside this ministry to troubleshoot and assist so these sites can continue offering hope to the many listeners they usually reach.

Join Us – Because of the faithfulness of God’s people to pray and support our work financially, SonSet Solutions continues to provide technology-based solutions to advance the gospel around the world. Please pray for others to join us in this ministry in these ways.

Prayer and Praise-July 24, 2020

Malawi – Pray for a shipment of 10 Afridev monitors and three LifePump monitors. These were sent this week to our partners in Malawi who use clean, reliable water sources as an avenue to share about the Living Water.

Shortwave Transmitter – A repair and upgrade to a shortwave transmitter for a country in Latin America is complete. Please pray as preparations are being made for its shipment so it can be on the air soon to broadcast the gospel to many.

New Partners – We praise the Lord for new partnerships! We will be working with Christian Relief Fund to provide two SonSetLink water monitors for northern Kenya. Pray as we work to build and test the units and get them to Kenya where they are greatly needed.

Prayer and Praise-July 17, 2020

Across Nations – One of our staff members is traveling to assist Across Nations in Window Rock, Arizona to assist their residential technician with several needs at their radio station. Please pray for the preparations being made, for the parts to be there when needed, and for the roads to be open. Recent travel restriction announcements could affect their travel plans.

Opportunity in August – SonSet Solutions has an opportunity to share about our ministry at the Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference in August. Ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of those who will be in attendance and pray that our staff as they share how the Lord is at work through SonSet Solutions to advance his purposes around the world.

SonSet® Radios – Several community radio stations have contacted us about their need for SonSet radios. Please pray that more churches, now that many are reopening, will desire to fund SonSet radios this year for our partner stations that are trying to reach more people with God’s word.

Prayer and Praise-July 10, 2020

TWR Kenya Update – We praise the Lord that the 4-bay antenna we sent to Kenya a week ago arrived at the Nairobi airport, was processed through customs quickly, and released to TWR last week. Please pray that they can install it at their station in southeast Kenya in order to restore coverage to that area and continue to share the good news.

SonSet® Radios to Uganda Update – Thank you for your prayers last week. Pray for the safe ocean passage of the 3,600 SonSet radios for Uganda. The container is scheduled to leave New York on July 15 and estimated to arrive by the end of August. Pray also for the arrangements being made to transport the radios from the warehouse to High Adventure in northern Uganda for distribution among the refugee camps there. These radios offer words of hope to so many refugees.

COVID-19 Reopening Plan – Elkhart county, where SonSet Solutions is located, has seen an uptick of COVID-19 cases and deaths. This delayed the reopening of our county while the rest of the state moved slightly ahead. This has not hampered our work as we can continue to serve as we have been. However, please pray for our team to remain healthy at this time.

Prayer and Praise-July 3, 2020

Effective Witness – Please pray that we and our partner ministries in so many countries continue to maintain an effective witness and testimony as we all navigate quickly changing COVID-19 guidelines that affect our work and travel.

Financial Provision – We praise the Lord for enthusiastic friends of SonSet Solutions and the financial support we have received during these uncertain times; this helps us continue to maximize the eternal impact of ministries all around the world. Please pray that the Lord would continue to provide the funding needed to do what He has set before us.

Summer Intern Update – We thank the Lord for our three summer interns and for God’s provision for them to serve with us this summer. Our internships introduce the next generation to the intersection of missions and vocation. Please pray He would make this a rich, rewarding and eternally fruitful time.

Prayer and Praise-June 26, 2020

Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County – Our SonSetLink™ water monitor won “The Coolest Thing Made in Elkhart County” contest this week. Praise the Lord for blessing us with the increase in public awareness of SonSet Solutions as a result. Pray that we will respond well and that this will serve to expand what God is doing through SonSet Solutions.

TWR Kenya – We have recently shipped a new, 4-bay, high-power vertical dipole antenna and combiner to a radio station in southern Kenya. Please pray that there would be little or no customs penalties and that this will arrive quickly in Nairobi, so this station can resume full coverage to southern Kenya as quickly as possible.

SonSet® Radios to Uganda – Praise God that there is a possibility to ship the 3,600 MB-2 SonSet radios to Uganda around July 1. Please pray for the details to come together for this, if this is God’s provision for getting this large shipment of radios to Uganda that will minister to so many.

Prayer and Praise-June 19, 2020

Radio HCJB Ecuador – Please ask the Lord to give favor to Radio HCJB in the eyes of Ecuadorian radio broadcast authorities. HCJB is reapplying for renewal of their FM license in Quito. It was previously denied. The deadline for the application has been extended because the online portal is not fully functional.

Laborers for the Harvest – Please pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send more laborers into his harvest. Pray for more workers to join what God is doing through SonSet Solutions.

SonSet® Radio Campaign – SonSet radios are helping ministries all around the world get gospel programming into the hands of listeners. Please pray for individuals, churches or organizations to partner with us to help fund another 15,000 radios in 2020.

Prayer and Praise-June 12, 2020

New Volunteer – Pray for Bruce Flora as he begins volunteering with us three days a week. Bruce is a retired mechanical engineer who lives in the Elkhart area. Pray for Bruce as he learns about the solutions we are working on for partner ministries and his role in helping further those solutions.

New Board Member
– Pray for Sheri Campeau as she joins the SonSet Solutions Board of Directors. Sheri is a professor of engineering at Bethel University in Mishawaka Indiana and a long-time friend of the ministry. Pray for Sheri as she learns about the inner workings of the organization, and lends her experience and wisdom to the board.

Transition Back to Work
– Pray for our staff as we continue the process of returning to the office after working remotely for several weeks. As Indiana relaxes their restrictions, more of our staff are making the transition to their normal workspace. Pray for our transition team as they develop the protocols for providing a safe working environment in the office.