Praise and Prayer-Nov 8, 2019

Divine Appointments – We praise the Lord for divine appointments!  In the past two weeks we have seen ministry workers from Ghana, Peru, and South Sudan visit SonSet Solutions to explore ways that we might collaborate in the gospel.

Workers for the Harvest – The opportunities for Kingdom service are great. More workers are urgently needed. Pray for the following staff needs to be filled at SonSet Solutions:  Human Resources Assistant, College Liaison, Story Teller and Events Coordinator

SonSet® Radios for the Amazon – A recent report from Radio Logos in the northern Amazon region of Peru shared that they urgently need more SonSet radios. Thanks to the gifts of generous financial partners, we are now preparing to send another 1,200 units.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 1, 2019

Campaign Success – Nov 1, 2019 marks the beginning of our 2019 year-end funding campaign. Pray that the Lord will lead many of His people to give generously to the work that He is doing around the world through SonSet Solutions and our ministry partners.

Valuable Training – Praise the Lord that three of our staff were able to attend a valuable leaders training conference where 150 like-minded ministry organizations were represented. Pray that new ministry partnerships will result from these important connections.

Raising Awareness – Praise the Lord for the opportunity that Tim and Becky Yazel had to represent the ministry of SonSet Solutions at a large church conference in the Detroit area. Pray that the Lord will use these contacts to further His work around the world.

Prayer and Praise-Oct 25, 2019

ELWA – Praise the Lord for a work team we hosted recently from a church who raised funds for SonSet® radios for our partner ELWA (Eternal Love Winning Africa) in Liberia. They prepared 100 radios for shipment and did some light housekeeping around our offices. We are grateful for faithful churches who support our ministry. Please pray that God will use these radios for the work He will do in those who will receive them.

Faithful Workers – We praise the Lord for our faithful ministry staff and the work they do each week to help ministries all over the world introduce people to Jesus. Pray for the Lord to bring more ministry workers to serve with us so that we can meet the needs of a growing number of ministries who are seeking out our help.

The Lord’s Rich Supply – Pray that the Lord will motivate His people to join with us as we begin our 2019 year-end giving campaign on November 1st. We praise the Lord for the growing number of financial partners who are investing their resources in the Lord’s work.

Prayer and Praise-Oct 18, 2019

Unrest – Praise for resolution to the unrest situation in Ecuador during this past week. Dialog between the government and the indigenous groups have come to some agreement and schools have resumed. While life is starting back toward normal in Ecuador, the current political crisis and unrest in Haiti continues. Please pray for Haiti as this has been going on for more than a month.

Summer 2020 Internships – We have talked with and gathered contact information from 160 students so far this fall, and have already received five internship applications for next summer. Pray for God’s guidance for students and that through this God will bring more workers into the harvest field.

Transmitter Repair
– Our partner, Streams of Power Church and Praise FM, located in St. Vincent, sent us two transmitters for repair. Please pray they will be repaired and returned quickly so they can continue ministering and broadcasting the gospel to their people.

Prayer and Praise-Oct 11, 2019

Just in Time – We thank the Lord for enabling troubleshooters here in Elkhart who were able to discover why a Christian broadcaster in the Peruvian Amazon was off the air. The station was able to correct the issue, and they were able to resume operations just in time for a planned distribution of our solar-powered SonSet® radios in a remote community.

Visas Granted – Praise the Lord for all the prayer warriors out there! God answered favorably for one of our missionary families as they were granted the renewal of their visas in order to remain in the United States to serve for another term.

Delivering God’s Word 2019 – Praise that we have 13 churches who have joined us to help meet our 2019 goal: to deliver 12,000 of our solar-powered SonSet® radios! While the focus groups are refugees in Africa, First Nations people in North America, communities living in the African Sahel, and isolated people groups in South America, we always consider others outside these focus groups. Please pray for the impact these radio receivers will have on the lives of those who hear God’s word.

Prayer and Praise-Oct 4, 2019

Visas Needed – Please pray for one of our missionary families; they seek to renew their visas on Monday, October 7, in order to remain in the United States to serve for another term.

New Friends – Praise the Lord for two successful events recently: a benefit concert where proceeds purchased SonSet® radios, as well as a successful dessert night meeting at a local church in St. Joseph, Michigan. We made a number of new friends for our ministry and enjoyed our time as we shared stories of how the Lord is using technology to advance the gospel worldwide.

Transmitter for Dukana – A transmitter is being sent October 14 to our partner in Dukana, Kenya. Please pray that this transmitter will get into the country without mishap and without heavy duty. Dukana, which literally means “darkness”, is a Gabbra town, where there has been only one known Christ-follower thirty years ago. But because of this radio station, the nomadic Gabbra people have responded like they have never before. Please pray that this transmitter will allow our partner to reach even deeper into this area.

Prayer and Praise-Sept 27, 2019

Friendraising Events – We have two events this week that will allow us to share how SonSet Solutions uses technology to advance the gospel. Please pray that these events will go smoothly and that God will prepare the hearts of those attending.

College Fairs – Pray for our staff, and the students they encounter, as they travel to various colleges and universities. We are entering the season of college career fairs, where we represent SonSet Solutions and encourage students to join us for a spring break opportunity and/or a summer internship. Please pray that God will prepare and move the hearts of those students interested in serving with us.

Transmitters Are Arriving – The first transmitters for Radio Evangile Développement (R.E.D.) are here in Elkhart. These will be used to upgrade the current transmitters in Burkina Faso and extend the reach of R.E.D. Pray that the remaining units will arrive soon so that we can prepare them in time to be shipped with a large container that is being prepared at the offices of Francophone Ministries for Christ (Port Huron, Michigan) as well as for those in Burkina Faso who will hear the gospel as a result.

Prayer and Praise-Sept 20, 2019

Burundi Repair Parts – Praise that the repair parts that were shipped to Burundi arrived ahead of their scheduled delivery date! Despite physical obstacles due to the mountaintop location, the transmitter and STL (Studio Transmitter Link) were connected and are now broadcasting. Please pray that the Lord will continue to use this transmitter mightily for spreading the gospel through Radio Voice of Hope.

Shortwave Transmitters – Two 1,000-watt shortwave transmitters are headed to South America this week to reach remote communities in Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Brazil. This type of transmitter is often used to broadcast to an entire country. Please pray that the radio producers will speak God’s truth clearly when they broadcast.

Workers for the Harvest – Please join us in praying earnestly for kingdom workers we need: Lead Bookkeeper/Accountant, Software Developer, Electrical Development Engineer, PR specialist, Machinist/Toolmaker, Donor Development Assistant, Digital Media Specialist, Story Teller, Events Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Human Resources Assistant, and College Liaison.

Prayer and Praise-Sept 13, 2019

SonSet Solutions Board – We praise the Lord for faithful board members; please pray for them as they meet this weekend, September 13-14.

Burundi Parts – Please pray that the parts we are sending to Radio Voice of Hope will arrive in time to repair the transmitter. Our technician, along with Burundi staff will need to transport these parts over rough mountain terrain to the transmitter site, which broadcasts to 70% of the country of Burundi. Pray for safe and uneventful travel for our technician who will travel home September 19-20.

AbR Media Conference – Praise that one of our staff members was able to attend the AbR Media Conference in Nairobi, Kenya this week. Pray that he will make some contacts that can further our partnership ministry worldwide.

Prayer and Praise-Sept 6, 2019

Parts for Burundi – Pray for our technician currently in Burundi; parts have been ordered to send to him as he refocuses his work on repairing the transmitter and the studio transmitter link. Please pray for these parts to arrive in Burundi in time to complete these tasks.

Radio Shipment – An order of 800 SonSet ® radios has been prepared by several work teams for shipment later this month. They are headed for Radio Evangile Développement so they can extend their reach and impact in Burkina Faso.

Health – Please pray for healing, encouragement and peace for our staff in Elkhart as several have longstanding health issues.