Praise and Prayer-Mar 8, 2019

Work Team Prepares SonSet® Radios – SonSet Solutions just hosted a work team that prepared SonSet radios for shipment to a partner radio ministry in Kenya. As the radios are distributed, pray that many will hear and respond to the gospel.

Religious Broadcasters to Meet – Please pray for the president of SonSet Solutions, David Russell, as he and a coworker join national and international broadcasters at the National Religious Broadcasters convention the end of March. Pray for wisdom as they seek to renew old friendships with ministry partners and explore new ministry opportunities.

Continued Unrest in Haiti – A trip to Haiti for water pump and SonSetLink water monitor installations has been postponed for a second time due to renewed unrest there. Many are suffering. Pray for real solutions and a lasting peace. Pray also for safety for the many missionaries serving in Haiti.

Praise and Prayer-Mar 1, 2019

SonSet Solutions Leadership to Meet – The SonSet Solutions board of directors and advisory council meets this weekend. Thank the Lord for this dedicated group of people. Ask God to fill them with discernment and zeal for the opportunities that have been entrusted to this organization.

Spring Break Opportunities for Service -Two consecutive weeks of our Spring Break at SonSet Solutions will launch on Sunday, March 3. This is an opportunity for students to discover how their knowledge and abilities can be used in ministry. Ask God to move in the hearts of students and staff.

Missionary Staffing Challenges – One of the joys and responsibilities of our missionary staff is to periodically visit supporters across the country to report on their ministry and in some cases raise additional support. When they go, they leave key positions empty. Pray for wisdom for our department managers as they shift workers around to be able to meet our partners’ needs with fewer staff.

Praise and Prayer-Feb 22, 2019

Assistance to Radio Ministry in Arizona – Pray for wisdom for a SonSet Solutions engineer as he returns this week to a radio ministry of Western Indian Ministries in Arizona. He will be assisting with repairs, upgrading equipment, and training the station’s radio technician. Pray for God’s Spirit to bring transformation through the radio broadcasts to the hearts of people in the Navajo Nation.

Project in Haiti Postponed – SonSet Solutions was scheduled to participate in a community project this March in Haiti, but it was postponed indefinitely due to growing unrest there. The people we were to serve are at great risk, so please pray for their safety. Pray also that the nation’s leaders will use godly wisdom to quickly restore calm. 

Praise and Prayer-Feb 15, 2019

Transmitter Repair for Ministry in Belize – Please pray for wisdom as a SonSet Solutions technician troubleshoots and repairs a broken transmitter from a partner radio station in Belize.

Advanced Training to be Rescheduled – A technician from Uganda, who was to arrive at SonSet Solutions this week for advance training, was unable to leave the country. Please pray for wisdom as our leadership makes arrangements for the future training of this technician in Uganda.

SonSet® Radio Improvements – To date, over 62,000 solar-powered SonSet radio receivers have been delivered to our broadcast ministry partners in an effort to help them expand their reach and deepen their impact. The newest feature of this ministry tool will be a built-in audio player that can play the Bible or other pre-stored Christian content. Pray for wisdom as we work to refine this tool so that its multiple features are easy to access and use.

Praise and Prayer-Feb 8, 2019

New Radio Station for Refugees in Kenya – Praise the Lord that with our collaboration with High Adventure Gospel Communication Ministries, a new community FM station is now on the air in the Kakuma refugee area of Kenya. Pray for a fruitful time as the station’s installer travels to SonSet Solutions next week for enhanced training.

Spring Break at SonSet Solutions – In March students will be coming to SonSet Solutions to participate in our spring break program. Pray that the students will be able to experience firsthand how engineering is used to advance the gospel.

New SonSet® Radio Design – Pray for the development team as they are working to complete the latest SonSet radio design. The new design includes an audio player which will be able to play content such as audio Bibles.

Praise and Prayer-Feb 1, 2019

Successful Repair of Radio Equipment for Gospel Broadcasts – We praise the Lord for the successful repairs of radio broadcast transmitters that were sent to us from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Papua New Guinea.  Please pray that both units will be given quick passage through customs in their countries and will soon be airing God’s Word again.

Service Opportunities in 2019 – There are many service opportunities before us in 2019. Ask God to lead us to the ones in which he wants us to invest our resources. During 2018, we were able to assist 195 ministries in 63 countries via equipment, service, consultation, and training.

Care for Physical Needs Opens Doors for Evangelism – Our remote water monitoring solution continues to help meet the physical needs of people living in isolated communities. This demonstration of care for people’s wellbeing builds trust and opens doors of opportunity for evangelism, church planting, and discipleship. Recently, monitors were installed in Haiti, Malawi, and Zambia. We are rejoicing over the report that each of these projects resulted in the advance of the gospel.

Praise and Prayer-Jan 18, 2019

Year-End Funding Goal Reached – Praise God with us for the many generous people whose gifts enabled us to reach our funding goal for 2018.

SonSet Radios Shipped – We thank the Lord for the many participants who made it possible for us to ship 10,000 SonSet® radios to ministry partners during 2018. Pray for many listeners to respond to the gospel broadcasts.

Kenya Refugee Camp Gets Radio Station – Pray for a new radio station going on the air this week in a large refugee camp in Kenya. SonSet Solutions has had the joy of collaborating on this project. Pray for the message of hope and reconciliation through the Lord Jesus to take root in the hearts of listeners.

Praise and Prayer-Jan 11, 2019

New Radio Station in East Africa – We thank the Lord for the provision of three new radio broadcast licenses for a work in East Africa. One station has just gone on the air with equipment from SonSet Solutions. Pray that the broadcasts will produce spiritual fruit.

Technical Challenges for Papua New Guinea Radio Station – Pray for wisdom as our engineers continue to troubleshoot a transmitter that served well for many years in Papua New Guinea, but now has some elusive technical problems.

Services Opportunities with SonSet Solutions – Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers to serve with us at SonSet Solutions. We have at least 15 personnel opportunities that need to be filled.

Praise and Prayer-Dec 21, 2018

Sharing Christ Around the Globe – Hundreds of radio stations around the globe that were facilitated by SonSet Solutions are currently sharing “glad tidings of great joy” with their audiences. Pray for God’s Spirit to move in the hearts of many so they may come to know the Prince of Peace.

Water Monitors Installed – Praise the Lord with us for a fruitful trip and safe return home of a staff member. He installed water monitors and provided training for local ministry workers in two Zambian villages.