Praise and Prayer-Dec 14, 2018

New Board Member – We praise the Lord for his provision of a new board member for SonSet Solutions. Pray that Tim Stephens will have a fruitful term of service. 

Radio Equipment to Zambia – Broadcast equipment has just left our offices on its way to Zambia. A radio ministry partner there eagerly awaits the shipment in order to restore their station and resume on-air programming. Pray with us that that equipment will arrive in a timely way and will not get held up in customs.

Death of Radio Technician in Honduras – A partner radio ministry in Honduras recently experienced the death of one of their young technicians. Pray for comfort for his family and coworkers, and for wisdom for SonSet Solutions technicians who may be called on to provide technical support. 

Praise and Prayer-Dec 7, 2018

Funds for SonSet® Radios Needed – Our “Delivering God’s Word” campaign is seeking funding for SonSet radios for several needy locations around the world. Pray that the Lord would move many people to fund more radios.

Grant Proposal Pending – Pray as a grant proposal for funding of more SonSet® radios is being considered this month by a foundation. Ask the Lord to grant us favor in their eyes.

Water Pumps and Monitors to Zambia – A SonSet Solutions missionary will be assisting a partner ministry in Zambia with the installation of water pumps with our SonSetLink™ water monitors in two villages that need clean water. Pray for safety in travel and successful installations.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 30, 2018

Board of Directors Prepare for Coming Year – A healthy Board of Directors that loves the Lord’s work is vital to maintaining a vibrant ministry operation at SonSet Solutions. Please pray as the board meets on Saturday, December 1, and works through important decisions in preparation for the coming year.

Ugandan Technician Seeking Training at SonSet Solutions – A technician for a partner radio ministry in Uganda is making plans to come to SonSet Solutions for training in February 2019. This will be his third attempt to come. Please pray for the financial and logistical details to come together so that he can make the trip. 

Transmitter Repair for Radio Station in Mali, West Africa – A SonSet Solutions’ technician is repairing a transmitter for a partner radio station in Mali, West Africa.  Pray for wisdom for our technician so that he might quickly find and fix the problem.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 23, 2018

Water Monitors and Audio Bibles Arrive in South Sudan – We praise the Lord for confirmation that a shipment of our water monitoring equipment arrived safely in South Sudan to serve a project facilitated by Samaritan’s Purse. We were also able to provide solar-powered audio Bibles programmed in the Juba Arabic language.

Applications Arriving for 2019 Summer Internship Program – Even though the fall semester at American colleges is still underway, we have already received sixteen applications to our 2019 Summer Internship program. Ask the Lord to lead us to young people who have a heart to apply their learning and skills in his service. 

Transmitter Delayed in Customs in Malawi – Please pray for the release of broadcast equipment being held in customs in the southeastern African country of Malawi. Two-thirds of the shipment was released immediately to our broadcast ministry partner, but the transmitter was impounded, pending additional paperwork. 

Praise and Prayer-Nov 16, 2018

Repairs for Radio Ministry in Mali, West Africa – A radio partner in Mali, West Africa, has had to return a transmitter to Elkhart for repair. Pray for wisdom for the SonSet Solutions technician so that there might be a rapid repair and return to service.

Financial Provision for Future Ministry – November and December are typically months when many people choose to invest financially in the ministries of SonSet Solutions. Pray with us that the Lord will again stir people’s hearts during this year-end season, and we will experience his abundant provision for the many service opportunities that lie ahead.

Technical Assistance for Ministry to Native Americans – One of our staff engineers left for Arizona this week where he will provide technical assistance for Western Indian Ministries. Their network of three stations covers most of the Native American communities in northern Arizona and New Mexico. Pray that our efforts will result in the advance of God’s work in these needy regions.

Praise and Prayer-Nov 2, 2018

Radio Equipment for Malawi Station – SonSet Solutions has shipped a radio transmitter and antenna to African Bible College in Malawi for their radio station. Pray for safe and speedy transport.

Water Monitors for Water Mission – Pray for endurance for those who are completing an order of SonSetLink™ water monitors for Water Mission and preparing them for shipment.

Praise and Prayer-Oct 26, 2018

Clean Water and the Gospel – Thank the Lord for a successful time in Haiti for a member of our Community Development team. He assisted a ministry that has 1,700 water pumps in the southern part of the country. Each day as local crowds gathered to observe the work, God’s word was preached and gospel tracts were distributed. Pray that living water will one day flow from the hearts of these Haitians.

Radio Impacting the “Land of the Midnight Sun” – Radio can span vast regions with God’s word and reach into remote places. Praise God that listeners from all over Alaska are hearing and contacting our radio broadcast partner, Voice of Christ Ministries. In recent years, we have provided technical support for this radio ministry and have sent 482 SonSet® radios to the “Land of the Midnight Sun.”

Delay in Resumption of Shortwave Broadcasts in Papua New Guinea – As our coworkers worked to resume the nationwide shortwave broadcasts of Wantok Radio Light in Papua New Guinea, it was discovered that the transmitter needed to come back to SonSet Solutions for repair. While this is disappointing, it will allow the transmitter to receive a complete overhaul, which should extend its lifespan. Pray for a quick turnaround and resumption of broadcasts.

Praise and Prayer-Oct 19, 2018

Successful Informational Meetings in Ohio – We praise the Lord for two successful Informational Dessert events in Ohio last week. Close to 100 people came to hear what God is doing through SonSet Solutions. The number of friends of this ministry is growing. It is a wonderful privilege to serve the Lord together!

Senior Design Projects Underway – SonSet Solutions works with universities to give students the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-life challenges in world missions through engineering senior design projects. Please join us in praying for projects underway at Liberty University and John Brown University. Ask the Lord to stir the hearts of young people to invest their talents for Kingdom purposes.

Burkina Faso Partner Celebrates Past and Plans for Future – Our partner in Burkina Faso was at SonSet Solutions October 17 to celebrate 25 years of ministry and two decades of partnership, and to strategize with our leadership regarding direction for future ministry together. Pray for God’s wisdom as we consider the next steps.

Praise and Prayer-Oct 12, 2018

Installation of Water Monitoring Tools in Haiti – Please pray for our coworker who will be in Haiti this week installing SonSetLink water monitoring tools. These tools will enable our partner to keep close tabs on the performance of clean water systems that the local community depends on. As trust with the community increases, so do the opportunities for sharing the gospel.

Radio Equipment in Customs – A radio transmitter sent to a ministry partner in Tanzania is being held up in customs. Additional documentation has been requested by authorities.  It is hoped that this transmitter will begin broadcasts by the end of this week. Ask for the Lord’s intervention.

Difficulties in Shortwave Installation in Papua New Guinea – Technical difficulties have arisen as coworkers are helping our partner in Papua New Guinea with the installation of a new shortwave antenna design.  Pray that the difficulties can be resolved quickly so that our partner can resume nationwide Christian broadcasts. 

Praise and Prayer-Oct 5, 2018

Radio Work in Honduras – Two SonSet Solutions engineers are in Honduras installing radio equipment for a partner in a remote area. They are both sensing particularly strong spiritual opposition. Please pray for physical and spiritual protection, and that God would cause the work to go forward unhindered.

Gaining New Friends for the Ministry – SonSet Solutions will hold informational desserts next week (Oct. 11 and 12) in Ohio. Pray that our team will represent the ministry well and more people will be added to our network of friends.

Strategic Objectives for 2019 – SonSet Solutions’ strategic objectives for 2019 are in place and the year’s operating budget is already approved by our board. Pray for continued guidance from the Lord as we look ahead with anticipation to what God will do through this ministry in the coming year!