Prayer and Praise-June 5, 2020

Active in His Work – Thank the Lord with us for sustaining SonSet Solutions during this time of global crisis, allowing us to remain active in his work.

Radio Sangu ya M’boté – Two of our teammates are working to solve an issue with the audio console/mixer at Radio Sangu ya M’boté in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Please pray as they work with our partner there to determine the problem. COVID-19 restrictions do not allow them to make use of their volunteers, so the station is currently only broadcasting six hours a day. Please pray as their programming includes religious broadcasts, as well as educational programs and coronavirus-related programs. These offer the gospel, hope and valuable information.

Across Nations – Praise God that radio KTBA is back on the air in Tuba City, Arizona. It took a new internet provider, much remote computer work, and long telephone assistance from one of our staff members who worked in collaboration with Across Nations. In addition, 200 SonSet® radios were shipped earlier this week as well. Please pray for the hearts of those who will hear God’s word as this station exists to reach 350,000 Navajo people with encouragement from God.

Prayer and Praise-May 29, 2020

Cotahuasi, Peru – Please join us in prayer for a transmitter that is slowly failing in Cotahuasi, Peru. The output power has been decreasing for months, and the freeze on shipping and travel in Peru keeps us from fixing or replacing it. Please pray that it stays on the air until we can ship or travel again.

Shipments – Pray for a shipment that went out last week to CIAM Media and Radio Broadcasting in Alberta, Canada. We sent them a replacement double 5/8 antenna for their station in Hines Creek as their old antenna was damaged by ice and wind. Please also pray with us for doors to open so that shipments of SonSet® radios can be delivered to Peru and Uganda.

Across Nations Update – As our partner Across Nations, located in Window Rock, expands their radio ministry, they find they have more technical needs than visiting technicians can take care of. Please pray for a permanent onsite technician to join them as they broadcast to the Navajo Nation.

Prayer and Praise-May 22, 2020

Across Nations – We are preparing a shipment of 200 SonSet® radios for Across Nations who covers the Navajo Nation in Arizona and New Mexico with Christian radio broadcasts. The Navajo Nation is currently experiencing a total lockdown. Several have tested positive for COVID-19, and roads are blocked to prevent travel in and out of the community. The radios will bring the gospel into the remotest parts of their land where electricity is a luxury. Please pray for the radios as they are distributed and for the Lord to prepare the hearts for those who will receive one.

Summer 2020 Interns – Some of our summer interns have already joined us, working remotely from home. Please pray for these three students as they are scheduled to arrive from Ohio, Washington and California at the end of May. Our program begins June 1. Join us in prayer as we invest in them and as they spend their summer with us. We pray for the Lord to use them mightily during this time.

Board meetings – Please pray for our coworkers who are preparing for a board meeting on June 6. We pray for continued wisdom for our SonSet Solutions board of directors as they meet and for this time to be productive and encouraging.

Prayer and Praise-May 15, 2020

Harvesters International – Please pray that Harvesters International will navigate this crisis well, particularly as their in-country partners in India and South Sudan have been hit hard by food shortages during the pandemic. Please pray also as they share the gospel while meeting needs of the hungry in those locations.

Dominican Republic – There were recent preparations for the installation of a Solar Media Center WiFi hotspot at a church in the Dominican Republic. Just last year, a prototype test confirmed to our partner that the concept of distributing content to cell phones is feasible. Please pray as the installation is completed and that this new avenue of reaching others will be fruitful.

Design Outreach (DO) in Malawi – This week a DO teammate will be traveling to three Lifepump sites to install SonSetLink monitors. He will also do COVID-19 training during this time which includes measures to slow the spread, such as hand washing, social distancing and other things. Please pray that this will provide an avenue for the gospel to be shared. Pray for the hearts that will hear the gospel.

Prayer and Praise-May 8, 2020

Transitioning – We are very excited that this past week, our SonSet Solutions team members began transitioning back to the office after working remotely. This is being done in phases, in compliance with direction from Indiana State authorities. We appreciate your prayers as we continue to provide assistance and support for our partner ministries. This is a difficult time for many of our partners who operate on small budgets.

Personnel Needs – Would you pray with us and ask the Lord to send us more workers to meet critical needs here in Elkhart? The opportunities for Kingdom service are great.

Guinea-Bissau – Earlier this year, we shipped a radio data system encoder to Radio Evangelica FM. With instructions from SonSet Solutions for connecting it to an FM transmitter, Radio Evangelica FM was able to make it operational. Please pray as this station shares the good news and provides hope, through God’s Word, to the people of this nation.

Prayer and Praise-May 1, 2020

Unreached Peoples Mission (UPM) – Please pray for this ministry in Tanzania. The Tanzanian government is requiring that any pastor in the country complete a theological education and have a diploma or certificate by 2022, or they cannot continue to be ministers. 75% of the 100+ pastors with UPM need this diploma/certification. While UPM has an 18-month curriculum that qualifies, it is unlikely that these pastors will be able to assemble for this training, due to travel restrictions and additional financial hardships as a result of the pandemic. Pray for a good resolution to this as well as God’s financial provision for UPM.

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) – Earlier this year we were able to supply equipment to upgrade the Radio Kahuzi studios (in the DRC) from analog to digital. This upgrade has led the station to greater outreach, especially with changes necessaries due to COVID-19. They have been able to broadcast podcasts and access other digital resources as a result of the upgrade. Please pray as Radio Kahuzi continues to utilize these new tools to continue to provide meaningful and life-changing messages.

“The SonSet® Radio is a Good Tool” – This is a quote from the director of Radio Logos in Peru. We are in praise that a family has put their trust in the Lord this past week! They overheard the Radio Logos programming that their neighbors were listening to. They went to Radio Logos and put their trust in the Lord. Because of faithful provision of SonSet radios, the director of this station was able to give this family their own SonSet radio, so they can continue to listen on their own. Please pray for these new followers as they grow in Christ as well as for the fruitful ministry of Radio Logos.

Prayer and Praise-Apr 24, 2020

Summer Internships 2020 – Praise the Lord for a third intern who has committed to a summer internship. Pray for our three interns as they build their teams of ministry partners who will sponsor them financially.

Leadership Decisions – While we are already working from home, our leadership team needs to make plans for our return to working at the office. Please pray for wisdom with this so it is done appropriately.

Radio Joy – We are working with our partner Lowell Wertz on a couple of new repeater stations for Radio Joy in Tanzania. Pray the Lord will give them wisdom and guidance as they begin to put a plan together.

Prayer and Praise-Apr 17, 2020

Work Continues – We work remotely with our ministry partners every day. Travel is restricted in almost every country worldwide. Please pray for good connections as we use the phone, internet, cell apps, and other technologies to communicate and provide support for our partners. This helps the people we serve get up and running again when they bump into technical challenges.

Shipment Update – Please pray for the shipment of SonSetLink™ water monitors sent to two of our ministry partners in Malawi this past week. It was due to arrive this week; pray that it clears customs quickly.

Radio Sangu ya Mbote – A teammate is working with partner station Radio Sangu ya MBote in the Republic of Congo. They were off the air, but were able to get back on using a repaired 250-watt FM transmitter. However, they are struggling with AC power and grounding issues. Pray that they can resolve this so they can broadcast the gospel and health messages during this epidemic.

Prayer and Praise-Apr 10, 2020

Wantok Radio Light – The country of Papua New Guinea is in lockdown mode with all domestic and international flights canceled as well as church services. Praise that with all church services canceled, Wantok Radio Light continues to be a source of great blessing for many of the people. Please pray as some of the stations are off the air currently, and the engineer cannot travel to attend to them because of the lockdown.

Radio Évangile Développement (RED) – Please pray for the ministry of RED as they minister to their listeners from the main station in the capital city, Ouagadougou. Since they are in lockdown, not allowing anyone in or out, no one is able to travel to the other stations in the network to even help with technical issues. In addition, violence in the north continues to displace people in Burkina Faso. Pray that the stations will have a powerful witness in the midst of these challenges.

Radio Logos – The news from Chazuta, Peru is that Radio Logos is proving to be a great blessing to listeners as they are in a country-wide lock-down. Let’s praise the Lord for this and also seek his protection over the station’s personnel and broadcast infrastructure.

Prayer and Praise-Apr 3, 2020

Radio Lumiere – Please pray for Radio Lumiere in Haiti. All churches are closed, most businesses are closed, and they are travel restricted; churches and listeners are unable to give offerings to support Radio Lumiere, and they have had to reduce operating hours by half, laid off half of the staff, and cut remaining salaries by half. Please pray for provision for this partner ministry so it can continue to offer the hope of salvation.

Shipment – Please pray for a shipment of SonSetLink™ water monitors sent to two of our ministry partners in Malawi this past week. Pray for its timely arrival and for the equipment to clear customs quickly.

Radio Kahuzi – Because of the Coronavirus, there has been a slowdown of donations to their ministry. This affects the broadcasting of the gospel from their studio in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It limits their ability to keep the station on the air and to pay government taxes, which is a requirement. Please pray for the provision of this ministry so it can offer hope of the gospel to their community.