Prayer and Praise-Feb 28, 2020

Spring Break Projects – From March 1-7, students from Cedarville University will be spending their spring break at SonSet Solutions. This an opportunity for them to serve the kingdom of Christ and work alongside our staff to advance the gospel worldwide. Please pray for God’s leading during this time as they discover the intersection of technology and missions and as they see how their gifting and skills can be utilized in ministry.

Togo – Praise God for news from Reach Beyond that the cables we provided for a radio station installation in Togo proved to be exactly the correct length, even when key details of the installation were unknown beforehand to our staff member who coordinated and shipped the equipment. Pray for the people of Togo as they hear the Good News.

SonSet® Radio Campaigns – Pray for the churches who have already committed to run SonSet radio fundraising campaigns for 2020. Pray for these congregations as they plan and as they seek to give to further the spread of the gospel overseas.

Prayer and Praise-Feb 21, 2020

National Religious Broadcasters Convention – Two of our teammates will travel to represent SonSet Solutions at this gathering February 25-28. Please pray for fruit to come from the interaction they will have. We continue to ask the Lord for more workers to serve here in Elkhart.

Genesis Waters – Doing routine checks in Kenya recently, Genesis Waters visited a well that has been monitored with a SonSetLink water monitor for the last three-and-a-half years. It has provided almost a million gallons of clean water to its surrounding community. Please pray for long-term sustainability of these wells as they provide both clean water and credibility with the community for sharing the gospel.

Summer 2020 Interns – Our summer interns work inside our development, support and communications teams giving them a practical, hands-on experience, while showing how their chosen vocation can be used in full-time service to the Lord. Please pray for God’s leading as students complete their applications.

Prayer and Praise-Feb 14, 2020

Genesis Waters – Praise that the water monitoring equipment recently sent to Genesis Waters, powered up just fine upon its arrival. Please pray as these monitors will be put to use soon and that a door for the gospel will be opened as reliable water begins to flow into those communities.

Very Remote Malawi – Praise the Lord for creative applications and use of technology by a small group of Malawi women, who are making a difference in a very remote area of their country. Please pray as they are using a solar-powered cell phone charging station to raise money to assist the people of their community. By distributing the profits, they are able to help support their pastor, as well as meet physical needs of families in their village.

Board Meeting
– The SonSet Solutions board meeting is coming up March 7. Several of our board members have taken on new roles as of the beginning of this year. Please pray for them as they prepare for this meeting, as well as for a productive and refreshing gathering of the SonSet Solutions board of directors.

Prayer and Praise-Feb 7, 2020

Shipping Challenges – Praise for the many donors who gave toward the 4,800 SonSet® radios at year end, as well as the many work teams who came and processed them. Please continue to pray with us as we work out the logistics for these large shipments to radio ministries in Uganda and Peru.

Wantok Radio Light – Praise that Wantok Radio Light’s shortwave transmitter that was off the air, is now up and running. After consultation with two of our staff members, they were able to identify an issue where the power/voltage was at half what it should have been and resolved it. In addition, some of the SonSet radios recently shipped to Papua New Guinea have already been distributed. Pray for the hearts of those in Papua New Guinea who will hear God’s word.

Gabbra People – We praise God that the partnership between SonSet Solutions and African Inland Mission is on a multi-level basis. We have partnered with their clean water ministry as well as with broadcasting. Recently, this partnership enabled a creative radio show about lost camels to reach the Gabbra people with His love! Please pray that God would continue to draw the Gabbra as they hear the gospel via these avenues.

Prayer and Praise-Jan 31, 2020

Wantok Radio Light – Praise that a long-standing technical issue for Wantok Radio Light’s TB-1000 transmitter in Papua New Guinea (PNG) was identified this week. Please pray for our teammate as he works with the technical contact in PNG to troubleshoot this challenging technical issue so that this transmitter would soon be fixed so that it can be used to bring light to PNG.

Water Mission
– Praise that Water Mission, a ministry partner, increased their order of SonSetLinkTM units. Please pray as our team in Elkhart works to fulfill this order so that the pumps that are being installed would have the capability to be monitored from Elkhart. Please pray for the transformative way reliable clean water has meant for these isolated communities as well as being a huge inroad to sharing the gospel.

Summer 2020 Interns – We are grateful to the Lord for our first official SonSet Solutions’ summer 2020 intern! Please pray as he begins to raise his support as well as for other potential interns from other universities who are exploring if they are a good fit for our team this summer.

Praise and Prayer-Jan 24, 2020

Pokot Outreach Ministries – This partner ministry shares the gospel of peace to the Pokot people (around a million) who live in the Rift Valley in western Kenya. A SonSet Solutions staff member who was just in Kenya, has installed seven SonSetLink monitors on different types of pumps this past week. With other installations of each pump and SonSetLink, the nomadic Pokot have developed villages and in one instance a church! The reliable water source is transformative resulting in stable homes, better health, healthy animals and sustainable gardens. Reliable water frees up time for things like education and the formation of churches. Please pray for these recent pump and monitor installations in the Rift Valley and how the hearts of the Pokot will also be transformed eternally.

Training in France – Two of our teammates are scheduled to receive specialized training this coming week in France. The purpose is to equip them for technical support of a particular line of FM transmitters that we recommend to broadcast ministry partners. Please pray for an effective time of learning as well as their health and safety.

LeTourneau University – This week, one of our teammates represented SonSet Solutions at LeTourneau University’s Career Fair. Please pray for fruit to come from the interaction he had with students. We continue to ask the Lord for more workers to serve here in Elkhart.

Prayer and Praise-Jan 17, 2020

Kenya – Praise that our staff member, who is currently in Kenya with our clean-water projects, is seeing good success with the pumps and SonSetLink monitors that are being installed. Please pray that he would continue to have many more opportunities to interact with our partners and that the pumps will run well to provide an avenue to share the gospel and change lives.

Peru Transmitters – Praise that the shipment of TWR transmitters to Peru arrived safely. Please pray for the impact of these transmitters and the people who will hear the gospel.

Reliable Avenues – Please pray that we find reliable and reasonable avenues to ship the SonSet® radios that are ready to head to Peru and Uganda.

Prayer and Praise-Jan10, 2020

2019 Funding Goal Met – Praise the Lord for His provision. The Lord provided all of the funding needed to reach our 2019 annual funding goal. We thank Him for His generous blessing and for inspiring more of His people every year to be a part of the ministry of SonSet Solutions. This is essential for us to be able to do the research and development to meet humanitarian needs that provide an avenue to share the gospel; such as our clean-water ministries. The technology of our SonSetLink water monitor allows our partners to know when they need to do maintenance on their hand pumps in isolated communities and frees up time to build relationships and share God’s love. Pray for those who will hear the gospel as a result.

Physical Barriers – Pray for our partner ministry, Rock Radio Network in Puerto Rico. Please pray that in light of the recent earthquake, that the Lord would allow this radio station to remain on-the-air to encourage many with the good news in the midst of a large, countrywide power outage.

Challenges in Peru – Please pray for our partner in Peru; pray for insight for the team as they strive to get a radio station in Peru back on the air after recent technical challenges. Pray, also, that the 1,200 SonSet® radios would be delivered to Peru soon.

Prayer and Praise-Jan 3, 2020

Spiritual Retreat – Pray for our staff as we gather for a one-day spiritual retreat on January 7th. Pray that the Lord will prepare our hearts, as well as the hearts of those who will lead us, during this time together as we seek to begin the new year focused on what God wants to do through us in 2020.

Cedarville University Missions Conference – From January 7-9, one of our staff members will be representing SonSet Solutions at Cedarville’s annual missions conference. Cedarville University begins the spring semester with their GO Conference, bringing missionaries, missions speakers, and representatives from missions agencies to campus to challenge their student body with the needs of the world. Please pray for our staff member as he prepares, as well as for the students who will learn about our ministry; we continue to pray for more workers to serve here in Elkhart.

Transmitters for TWR – As a continuing partnership, a staff member has been working here in Elkhart to configure the last of four transmitters headed for Bolivia. Please pray as the work is completed by our staff and for all four transmitters as they are deployed to broadcast the gospel.

Prayer and Praise-Dec 20, 2019

SonSet® Radio Processing – Praise that we have had 11 work teams in to process the SonSet radios from November 19 to December 19. We hosted our last work team this week which completed the 4,800 radios (1,200 for Peru and 3,600 for Uganda). Pray for the hearts of the recipients of these radios, who will hear the gospel.

Year-End Campaign – We praise the Lord for His financial blessing on the ministry of SonSet Solutions this year. Pray that He will supply our remaining financial need before the end of the year.

Partner Ministries – Our partner ministries face many different challenges such as leadership struggles and conflict, safety issues related to in-country strife, refugee challenges, lack of reliable power, and equipment failure. Please pray for God’s intervention in some of these situations. In other situations, pray for wisdom for us as we seek solutions.