Choosing the Difficult Path

If given the opportunity to escape an impoverished homeland and live comfortably in an affluent country, what choice would you make?

Etienne was born in Burkina Faso, a poor land-locked country in West Africa where daily existence was hard. Faithfully practicing his family’s religion, Etienne prayed five times a day, but a unique opportunity transformed his life. Unlike his siblings, Etienne was able to go to school where a friend introduced him to Jesus Christ. He went on to France to study evangelism and to Denmark for Bible school.

“Use me as you want,” he told God one day. He sensed God telling him, “Go back to your country. Go back to your friends and share what you have received.”

“That was the turning point,” Etienne stated as he shared with our staff about this difficult decision. Life was hard in Burkina Faso and the opportunity had been given to him to live a better life in France. “I couldn’t resist the call of God.” Etienne decided to return to his homeland.

This was part of Etienne’s testimony during his ministry’s 25th anniversary celebration recently held at SonSet Solutions. God has mightily used his ministry, and SonSet Solutions has had the privilege of being a part of Radio Évangile Développement (R.E.D.) from the beginning.

Today, R.E.D. is broadcasting in 32 of Burkina Faso’s 65 languages. SonSet Solutions has helped equip all eight radio stations which are broadcasting to millions. Thousands of SonSet® radios have been distributed. Programming on practical topics such as the environment, sanitation and health care has opened people’s hearts to the gospel message. The ministry has gone beyond the airwaves and built facilities in general medicine and chiropractics as well as latrines and wells, even in opposing religious areas. This has resulted in the Burkina government, for the third time, awarding R.E.D. a medal of recognition for the development of the country.

One man’s choice is impacting a nation. SonSet Solutions is grateful to be part of this miracle.

Written by Erica Simone