Clearing a Hurdle

More than a year ago, a SonSetLinkTM water pump monitoring device encountered a technical hurdle. A satellite modem critical to this device was declared obsolete by its manufacturer. Having been given no prior warning, it caught SonSet Solutions’ engineers Cody Hall and David Palmer by surprise — scrambling to ensure that monitoring devices would still be available while a challenging redesign ensued.

Since then, after much prayer and hard work, a new version has been completed. The new design, although primarily suited for one of our partner ministries, can still be used by any other ministry with similar needs for water pump monitoring.

Specifically, the redesigned unit measures flow in gallons or liters (from solar-power or electric pumps), temperature, time-in-use of the pump each day, battery level and flow history data (in case any transmissions are missed).

How does this differ from the previous version? The new design incorporates the SmartOneC satellite modem, is more compact, includes many improvements for easier production, and has several aesthetic changes. Lord willing, this new water pump monitoring device will clear the way for a steady production flow of units to ministries around the world.