Coming Full Circle

Nathan Steele says he has radio broadcasting in his genes. His father was a pioneer, putting the first FM stereo radio station on the air in Los Angeles in 1959. Nathan’s parents loved the Lord, and, in 1966 when Nathan was a teenager, they left their home in California to become missionaries with HCJB, a radio broadcasting mission in Ecuador.

School work didn’t excite Nathan at Alliance Academy in Ecuador. What excited him was radio. He worked in studios during high school and college, dropping out of college to become a disc jockey for a rock ‘n’ roll station. Although Nathan shared his father’s passion for radio, he did not share his parent’s passion for the things of God. “Somehow I turned my back on all of that stuff and walked away for about 20 years.”

In 1996, God got a hold of Nathan’s heart after visiting his sister’s church in Japan, where she had become a missionary herself.

Nathan’s passion for the Lord began to grow as strong as his passion for radio, and he eventually became involved in Christian broadcasting. Then in September 2018, one of his biggest dreams came true. Nathan walked out of SonSet Solutions with three suitcases of radio station equipment for Grace Bible Mission, a ministry he is involved with in West Africa. Radio Grace went on the air on November 17th. People began hearing Bible teaching and worship music in their native language for the first time and it is having an incredible impact already. His dream is to build five more stations for the ministry over the next few years.

Coming full circle, Nathan has returned to his roots – radio and faith. And because of faith, he realizes how much more meaningful radio can be.

Written by Erica Simone