Debugging Software

For the last year and a half, a team of SonSet Solutions engineers led by Cody Hall have been working in close cooperation with our satellite modem vendor to track down a complicated software bug in their device. This bug had been hampering our efforts to design and build new versions of our satellite-based SonSetLink™ water monitors.

But in late 2019, we finally pinpointed the problem and worked with the vendor to come up with a solution. As a result, Cody took a quick two-day trip to South Carolina in December to reprogram 125 SonSetLink units that we had already sold and shipped to a partner ministry. These units contained a creative work-around feature to let us still use the satellite modems, but in a slightly less efficient manner. Cody and staff from the other ministry spent 10 hours reprogramming the modems and our electronics, and then he caught a plane home the next morning.  We are thankful for God’s impeccable timing and guidance in identifying the bug and a solution before these monitors were shipped from our partner ministry’s headquarters in the U.S. to various locations all over the world.