Ebola Relief – updated

Transmitter for ELWAReceiving broken transmitters from overseas ministries is nothing new for our engineers at SonSet Solutions. Repairing transmitters is part of what we do to aid ministry radio stations around the world. There was particular urgency, however, in the repair of a transmitter we recently received.

Radio ELWA’s shortwave transmitter in Liberia stopped working. Radio ELWA has been a trusted voice and vital communications tool in Liberia for 60 years. It has been the only shortwave radio covering all of Liberia reaching into Sierra Leone and Guinea as well. In addition to broadcasting gospel programming, Radio ELWA has been assisting with public-service communications which have included, more recently, Ebola education. ELWA’s 130-acre campus also includes a hospital and the largest Ebola clinic in the country.

After contracting the deadly virus, Dr. Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol who were working at ELWA’s hospital in Liberia were transported to the U.S. in a specially-equipped medical plane. Nancy’s husband David brought the transmitter back with him to the states on a chartered flight.

The transmitter has been repaired.  However, commercial flights into Liberia have been suspended preventing its return. The transmitter has been sent to SIM International in North Carolina with the hope of getting it onto an emergency relief flight back into the country.

Please pray that this station can get back on the air and once again provide help and hope to this devastated region of the world.

By Erica Simone

SIM International, which operates ELWA, agreed to help return the transmitter to Liberia. The package was shipped to SIM USA in North Carolina and was added to the tons of relief supplies destined for Liberia.

After touchdown in Liberia, it took a few hours to find the transmitter and associated equipment among the tons of relief supplies. After it was located it took six more hours and special assistance from the Liberian Minister of Health to clear it through Customs duty-free and back to the ELWA station. Many prayers were raised up to God, and we are so grateful for the answers He has given ELWA and their radio listeners.

By Erica Simone