Engineering and Development

Engineer and StudentInterns and apprentices work alongside expert engineering missionaries and volunteers in SonSet Solutions’ Engineering and Development department. In 2015, they worked on 12 projects, including a water monitoring system, a solar lamp pole and recharging station, a new generation of the SonSet® radio, an equipment power protection unit, and improved broadcast equipment.

Engineering and development projects come directly from needs encountered by partners in the field. “Oftentimes technology that is commercially available doesn’t meet the needs of our ministry partners,” says Charlie Jacobson, manager of engineering and development. “That has motivated us to design solutions that meet needs with fairly simple, highly reliable, and less expensive equipment.”

Charlie adds, “God has gifted us with creative people, and we have an obligation to use those skills to advance the gospel and develop new solutions when appropriate. Creative design engineers can use their skills in an area that directly contributes to the advancement of the gospel. That is also why we invest heavily in students: We want them to realize that the creative bent that God has given them can be used in unique ways—even in missions.”