Why is the HCJB Global Technology Center becoming SonSet Solutions?

Reach Beyond is changing its ministry model to work primarily with partners at the local level. As a result, they are no longer as dependent on the technology developed by the HCJB Global Technology Center. Both organizations believe that enabling SonSet Solutions to become independent will actually multiply the impact of both organizations, while maintaining a strong ministry alliance of people passionate about reaching the unreached with the gospel.

When is this expected to happen?

On September 25, 2014, the Reach Beyond board of trustees voted to allow the HCJB Global Technology Center to become independent of Reach Beyond and form an independent technology ministry. To facilitate the success of this move, Reach Beyond intends to release all of the assets for which the HCJB Global Technology Center is custodian. This includes all buildings, grounds, tools and finances. The transfer of these items will be complete by the summer of 2015.

What is SonSet Solutions?

SonSet Solutions is a brand new missions organization, registered in the State of Indiana as a public non-profit corporation. The State of Indiana and the Internal Revenue Service have granted tax-exempt status to SonSet Solutions. It is a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of SonSet Solutions is to harness the growing number of technological tools and techniques available to us today for introducing people to Jesus Christ, helping them to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and helping them introduce others to Jesus Christ.

How will this change affect giving for the missionaries that I support?

Initially, all missionaries currently serving at the HCJB Global Technology Center will be put on loan to the new organization, SonSet Solutions. Whether their parent organization is Reach Beyond, TWR or FEBC, your gifts will continue to be handled as before. In time, some of these missionaries may choose to join the new organization. At that point, you will be notified of the changes so you can redirect your giving.

How will this change affect my giving to Technology Center projects?

All projects currently being undertaken by the HCJB Global Technology Center will move under the management of SonSet Solutions. You will be notified by Reach Beyond of the upcoming organizational changes and will be asked if you would like SonSet Solutions to contact you about continuing your support of these valuable projects.

How will my donor contact information be handled?

Reach Beyond maintains a strict commitment to the privacy of its donors. It is assumed that you, as a Reach Beyond donor, may wish to stay abreast of how God is working through the people you know at the Technology Center (now SonSet Solutions) and you may wish to participate financially in projects that we are working on at this ministry outlet. However, consent for SonSet Solutions to use your contact information is needed. You will be notified by Reach Beyond of the option to receive mailings from SonSet Solutions. Your response will be important. You may also send us an email at info@sonsetsolutions.org or write to us at SonSet Solutions, P.O. Box 2709, Elkhart, IN 46515-2709, to indicate your wishes. You can subscribe to our email newsletters here. Of course, we would always welcome a phone call at (574) 970-4252.

Will SonSet Solutions be part of Reach Beyond?

SonSet Solutions will never forget where it came from. We have a rich heritage and are hitting the ground running, thanks to Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global). Our new relationship will be that of “ministry partner.” We have agreed in advance that we will actively look for ways to keep working together, helping one another remain effective in the cause of Christ. Organizationally, we will be separate, except for the missionary workers that we have agreed to share.

What are the reasons for this transition?

The world is changing quickly. Reaching people with the gospel who are still without a witness for Christ requires great flexibility. Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global) is focused on bringing God’s message of life to those people groups that are less than two percent evangelized. To do this, they plan to use small, nimble teams of consultants who are able to easily move about in international settings, without restraints that can come with the ownership and operation of large facilities and working with a big staff. The HCJB Global Technology Center (now SonSet Solutions) has commitments to hundreds of organizations worldwide and provides technical support for ministries working in areas that are unreached, as well as areas where the Church is thriving, and new Kingdom workers are being mobilized. Because of the significant difference in ministry objectives, Reach Beyond is encouraging us to move ahead on our own, with their blessing.

What are some of the main benefits expected to come from the transition?

SonSet Solutions is a highly specialized type of ministry. We are technology-based. Our workers are mostly engineers and technicians. Over the years we have developed great expertise in listening to our partners tell of their ministry dreams and needs. We find technical solutions that help them succeed and be fruitful. Being an independent organization will allow us to fine tune our methods and organizational structure to ensure the greatest effectiveness for our line of work. We will have the freedom to be more proactive in representing what God is doing through this specific ministry outlet, without the risk of misrepresenting the goals and methods of Reach Beyond. Greater effectiveness on our end will enable us to do an even better job of serving Reach Beyond and numerous other organizations.

What are some of the biggest challenges expected in the months ahead?

While much of our organizational infrastructure is already in place due to 28 years of operating as the HCJB Global Technology Center, there will still be significant new responsibilities that we will assume as we venture out on our own, independent of Reach Beyond. For example, we will be responsible for all of our own communications, marketing and finance. We will begin to manage our own staffing needs and will assume responsibility, over time, for all payroll and benefits services. Significant startup expenses are expected as we take on these functions.

How would you like me to pray in regards to the transition?

Join us in asking the Lord to send us qualified people with a heart to join in his work and meet specific needs in communications, marketing, and human resources. Ask God to continue to fill our staff with a passion for what he is doing in the world today, and a heart to hang in there, in spite of the challenges that will come as we make this move. Ask our Father to pour out his abundant blessings on SonSet Solutions, providing above and beyond what we could ever imagine.

Questions? Email us at info@sonsetsolutions.org, or give us a call at (574) 970-4252.