First SonSet Solutions Missionary Appointee

Cody Hall - Monitoring equip(January 7, 2015) The story is the same for many college graduates with degrees in mechanical engineering. They enjoyed taking things apart as little kids and figuring out how the devices worked. It was the same for Cody in his early learning years. He loved to tinker and build things as a little boy. Adding the love for math and science, it was an easy decision after high school to attend college and become a mechanical engineer.

Cody Hall wanted to follow in his folks footsteps and work in missions. He grew up in a home in West Virginia that focused on God and helping others. It wasn’t until he was a Junior at Cedarville University that he realized that he could combine engineering and missionary work. The following year, he signed up for a 10-week summer internship with SonSet Solutions in Elkhart, Indiana.

Cody has been able to work in many facets of engineering this past year as it relates to developing new products for overseas usage. The needs are great for community development projects, especially new data monitoring products for water wells in Africa. Water is life, and it brings physical and spiritual transformation in amazing ways in small African villages.

What is in Cody’s future? He was recently accepted as the first missionary appointee for SonSet Solutions. He is traveling around the U.S. telling others about what God is doing in missions and raising monthly support so he can work full-time for the non-profit organization.

When asked how other young college graduates can use their skills in missions, Cody said, “Start by praying fervently that God will make your heart willing to serve wherever He sends you. When He calls, He will equip. When you are ready, try serving in an internship with a mission agency. The development of relationships and opportunities for future service will open up and show you where God wants you to serve on a full-time basis.”

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By Jean Muehlfelt