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Electrical Engineering Intern

For College Students and Graduates

Thanks to advances in technology, today’s communications tools offer unprecedented opportunities to reach people with the message of new life in Jesus Christ. SonSet Solutions is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to hear the good news, and we are using technology to reach people around the world!

SonSet Solutions offers unique hands-on internships in computer science, engineering (electrical & mechanical), and digital media (video & graphic design). For the recent college graduate interested in a very cost-effective route to missionary service, we offer an apprenticeship.

College Student Internships

As a SonSet Solutions intern, you can have a global impact serving in the United States. Experience life alongside career missionaries as you live, learn, and grow in Christ together. Our internships are oriented toward college students who are still in school and want to spend a summer, J-Term, or semester serving with SonSet Solutions. An internship is typically 10 to 16 weeks in length.Students with solar lamppost

All of our interns will be engaged in design work, will be included in our Summer Seminar series where they will be exposed to diverse areas of technology, and will be assigned a mentor who will help them focus on their own professional and personal development. Some of the projects that our interns have worked on include:

  • A solar-powered radio receiver now in use in many countries
  • An intelligent power protection device that protects equipment from unstable power
  • Computer software programs that support the next generation of digital radio
  • Water pump monitoring software that communicates with low earth orbiting satellites
  • A video about community development projects in Ecuador
  • A video about what God is doing at a missionary hospital

Consider coming to learn and serve with us. Develop your skills, career, and spiritual life while developing solutions to advance God’s Kingdom and getting to know Him better.

Apprenticeships For Graduates

Do you have an interest in technical missions? Maybe you are confident this is the Lord’s calling for you, but you are not ready to apply for missionary service. Or maybe you are interested but unsure. SonSet Solutions offers an apprenticeship for college graduates wanting to experience mission work as a possible career option after completing an internship with us.

An apprenticeship is a one-year commitment for those interested in missionary service. While day-to-day activity is similar to being an intern, additional effort is put into helping the recent college graduate into becoming an ideal missionary candidate. To achieve this, we facilitate the acquisition of Bible courses, help eliminate student debt, work on presentation skills, and help you develop a ministry support team. As the apprentice completes their year with us, they are free to apply for missionary service with any mission agency. We offer this because SonSet Solutions exists to serve the church including other mission organizations.

Is your desire to make an investment in God’s Kingdom and take part in meaningful ministry? Is God preparing you for the mission field? We can help you gain the experience and passion for using your skills on the mission field and then prepare you for that next step in overseas service.

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