Student Opportunities

For College Students and Graduates

SonSet Solutions is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to hear the message of new life in Jesus Christ, and we are using technology to reach people around the world with that message! We offer three unique opportunities for college students and recent graduates to join with us in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to people around the world — spring break projects, hands-on internships, and one-year apprenticeships.

Spring Break Projects

Participating in a one-week spring break project is a great way to discover how your gifts and abilities can be used in ministry. SonSet Solutions will host two spring break project weeks in 2019.

The 2019 spring break projects will be posted on the SonSet Solutions website starting Monday, January 28, 2019. For examples of previous projects, refer to our 2018 projects list.


College Student Internships

Have a global impact while serving as a SonSet Solutions intern. Experience life alongside career missionaries as you live, learn, and grow in Christ together. Our internships are oriented toward college students who want to spend a summer, J-Term, or semester serving with SonSet Solutions.

Internships are available for students in engineering (electrical and mechanical), computer science, digital media and graphic design, communications, public relations, and Human Resources and are typically 10 to 12 weeks in length. Learn more about our 2019 summer positions.

Consider coming to learn and serve with us. Develop your skills, career, and spiritual life while developing solutions to advance God’s kingdom. Request more information on our internships below.

SonSet Solutions is accepting applications for Summer 2019 internships through February 2019. Your completed application and two references must be received by Friday, March 1, 2019 to be considered for our Summer 2019 internship offers.

Apprenticeships For Graduates

Do you have an interest in missions? Is God calling you to serve in ministry? SonSet Solutions invites you to consider an apprenticeship, a very cost-effective route to missionary service. We offer one-year apprenticeships for college graduates wanting to experience mission work as a possible career option.

You will receive training for missionary service. To achieve this, we facilitate the acquisition of Bible courses, help you eliminate student debt, develop your presentation skills, and help you establish a ministry support team.

We can help you gain the experience and the passion for using your skills on the mission field. For more information on our apprenticeship program fill out the form below.

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