God’s Faithfulness Despite the Setbacks

As our engineers regularly do, Tim Zook diligently prepared for his survey trip overseas. However, while Tim was gearing up to go to the Central African Republic (CAR), unrest was stirring within the country. Due to violence, a strike overwhelmed the airline in the capital city which caused a delay in the trip. Despite this setback, God was ensuring his safety. A week later, the violence subsided and he was able to arrive in the country safely.

Tim immediately began working at the radio station, Water for Good. Earlier in the year, a power surge hit the station’s daytime and nighttime transmitters. He was able to successfully fix the daytime transmitter, but encountered more significant problems with the nighttime transmitter – he would have to bring it back to the states for further repairs. Despite this setback, he was able to test other equipment, train the staff, and survey the station for a future work trip.

Little did he know that another setback would alter his plans. During Tim’s last night in the CAR, a sudden surge of electricity shot through the equipment. Once again, the power overwhelmed the system and shut down the transmitter completely. Just 30 minutes before his departure, he was able to restore the transmitter and left the country with the station on-air.

SonSet Solutions is working on a device called the Equipment Power Protection (EPP) unit to protect our partners’ equipment from power surges. We praise the Lord that Tim was able to keep the radio station on the air, but we stay mindful of the urgent need to continue work on the EPP which is still in the development process. In the meantime, we do what we can to assist our ministry partners and, despite the setbacks, continually experience God’s faithfulness in the process.

Written by Kyela Seals