God’s Servant to the Unreached

What’s next? It was a persistent question that created restlessness in the heart of Pastor Williams Yindi of Tanzania. It drove him to a nearby mountain to pray, and God met him there with the answer:

Go! God told him.
     Where? asked Williams.
To the bush.
Go, and you’ll see!

For years people had preached the gospel in the cities of Tanzania, but the bush was relatively untouched. People there are poor, and life is hard. But in response to God’s call, Williams established Unreached Peoples’ Missions and a training center to prepare church planters among the unreached people of the bush.

Native pastors come to the center and receive training in theology in order to rightly handle God’s word.  In addition, each pastor gets vocational training in practical work like car repair, carpentry, or tailoring so they can be self-supporting.

Two hundred forty-three churches have been established throughout Tanzania with Williams’ simple method and God’s supernatural blessing. But the task is not done.

Due to advancing age and great distance between bush communities, Williams, who is now bishop, is finding it more difficult to oversee his churches. He sees radio as a way to disciple his scattered churches and spread the light of the gospel to the dark corners of his country with one voice from a single location. He is seeking SonSet Solutions’ assistance in establishing a Christian radio station as a tool to advance God’s work among the unreached.

At some of the churches’ locations, clean water wells have been established to provide safe drinking water and inroads for the gospel. Our SonSetLink™ water monitors allow Williams to track the function of his wells via the internet. Three monitors are already in use there, and more have been requested.

It is a blessing for SonSet Solutions to collaborate with dedicated ministers like Bishop Yindi by offering them technology-based solutions that advance the gospel to the unreached worldwide.

Written by Marla Bender