Harassed by “Hyenas”

“They’re like hyenas that won’t leave me alone, biting at my heels!” This was the desperate cry of a tormented woman in a settlement of the Gabbra people located along the Kenya/Ethiopia border. Her town’s name, Dukana, means “darkness” or “emptiness.” Thirty years ago there was only one known Christ follower. It was another 15 years before one more Gabbra openly declared their faith in Christ. Today, God’s Spirit is visibly working there. A ministry worker that SonSet Solutions supports through technology tools and services reports, “In the last two years people have responded like never before!”

Radio BHB Chalbi FM 91.1 is now on the air five hours per day. Previously, our partners were limited in their reach, focusing on “hut-to-hut” visitation. With upcoming enhancements to their equipment, they plan to increase their broadcast hours and significantly extend their coverage. Other technologies are also proving effective in delivering God’s word and for building relationships of trust. These include Wi-Fi “hotspots” loaded with Christian content for viewing or downloading with cell phones, and also reliable clean water sources. 

Recently, visitors arrived from a community 22 miles away saying that they, too, desperately need water. They added, “And we understand that you are sharing a ‘new message’ and hear that it is ‘sweet.’”

As for the tormented woman, God graciously freed her from the demons that were harassing her. The Scriptures describe in Matthew 12 what can happen when an unclean spirit comes out of a person – how the final state of a delivered person can become worse than the first. In this case, we praise the Lord that the vacuum was filled by God’s Holy Spirit who now indwells her and is bringing wholeness and hope to her life!

Written by David Russell