HC100 Shortwave Transmitter in Australia

HC100 Unloading in Australia C1

What has thousands of components, is the size of a small kitchen, and weighs approximately four tons? SonSet Solutions’ 100,000-watt radio transmitter called the HC100! HC100 serial #2 was built by our engineers in the early 1990s and served faithfully in Ecuador for many years carrying programs to many parts of the world. In 2009, HCJB Ecuador closed its transmitter site, and three HC100s were returned to our facility for refurbishment. HC100 serial #2 was shipped to our partner Reach Beyond Australia at the end of February 2016 where it joined serial #6 and #8 increasing broadcasts into Southeast Asia.

The primary refurbishing effort over the last couple of years was to upgrade this transmitter to enable digital broadcasting. Last fall, however, Reach Beyond Australia communicated the urgent need for a third transmitter. Digital technology did not progress as quickly as they had hoped, and digital receivers throughout Asia were still scarce. Derek Kickbush, Reach Beyond Australia’s Media Manager, expressed, “We’re not dismissing a move to digital shortwave. It just means it will be later rather than sooner. What is evident is the need for our third transmitter … now!” Serial #2 was added to the broadcast schedule during the last week of June, and now three HC100s are broadcasting in 29 languages into India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Southeast Asia.