Helping South African Missionaries Raise Awareness

Shaking with fear, the young girl stood on the street corner. “What are you afraid of?” a compassionate woman asked. The answer came, “It’s my first night.”

This is a conversation Pholile Maneli had with a young girl in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Pholile and her husband Nkosinathi are missionaries who run a media ministry called Optasia Productions through YWAM in Port Elizabeth.

After witnessing the atrocities of human trafficking and meeting many of the young girls involved, they decided to produce a full-length film in order to bring awareness to the subject. While in the U.S. raising funds for this film, they were surprised by the lack of knowledge prevalent among the churches and people they visited. Many were aware that human trafficking exists overseas but didn’t realize the epidemic was also occurring in their own backyards here in the U.S.

Though it wasn’t part of their initial plan, the Lord laid on Pholile’s and Nkosinathi’s hearts to produce another short video that is locally filmed throughout the Michiana area. The purpose of this 40-minute video is to shed light on the subject of human trafficking within the U.S. With the help of SonSet Solutions, they were equipped with the proper technological resources they needed to make this possible. These resources came in many forms – our equipment, our time and even our staff. The Lord has blessed SonSet Solutions with a state-of-the-art media center that was able to fulfill everything needed to produce this impactful film. It’s a joy to see the partnerships that form with other ministries around the world through our ability to assist in many different ways.

Written by Emily Hall