Hope and Help for Madagascar

Off the coast of southeast Africa lies the island country of Madagascar. Incredibly diverse topography shapes the land with dense mangrove swamps, grassy highland plains and hills, humid rain forest jungle, and dry hardwood forests. The population of the island is estimated at over 22 million with over 90 percent belonging to the Malagasy ethnic group. It is a poor country with most people surviving on less than $2 per day.

Approximately half of the country’s population practices a combination of Christianity or Catholicism mixed with traditional religion, which tends to center around a creator god and veneration of the ancestors. Islam is also widely practiced.

In 2014, engineers at SonSet Solutions started working on a large project with a ministry in Northeastern Madagascar to build Christian radio station RFJ. This station has a potential listening audience of over 100,000 people.

The coordinator of the project in Madagascar recently wrote, “For the majority of people, Radio RFJ is the only way to get access to Christian content such as worship, biblical teaching, prayer, etc. as there is neither electricity in the villages nor money or Christian resources. Through the radio, a sustainable shift is taking place in the spiritual atmosphere in the region.”

Government authorities in Madagascar are extremely grateful for Radio RFJ as well. On March 7, the island was hit by its most powerful cyclone in 13 years. According to The Watchers news website, “Over 433,000 people have been affected with 81 deaths, 253 injured, [and] 246,842 people displaced.”

SonSet Solutions’ ministry contact serving in-country reports, “RFJ was the only radio [station] able to operate during the disaster. Authorities were able to communicate to the population through our radio station.” Radio RFJ was also able to organize relief work for hard-hit areas – medical supplies were flown in by MAF plane and rice was shipped in by boat.

Without radio ministries like RFJ, untold thousands of people around the world may never hear the gospel or critical lifesaving information during times of disaster. You have a part in impacting these lives and souls. Thank you for making it possible for us to bring hope and help to Madagascar and other faraway places.

Written by Jeff Benedict
Updated by Erica Simone