Identity Change

Could anything good come of this? All Nichodemus wanted was revenge for this horrific act of violence.

This Pokot man shared his incredible story with SonSet Solutions missionaries Cody and Emily Hall during a pastor’s conference in Kenya. Thrilled to receive the audio Bibles they brought in the language of his people, Nichodemus explained the transformation that happened in his own heart as a result of God’s word.

Nichodemus Namecha and a group of 10 men were raiders in South Sudan and traveled to villages killing people and stealing their possessions and livestock. One day, his own nephew, whom he was raising, was killed by an enemy tribe and brutally slaughtered. Angered by this torturous execution, he began searching for his gun, intending to find the murderers and kill them.

Aware of his intense anger, the people of his village hid his gun. Nichodemus went to a neighboring village looking for another gun. There, he met a Kenyan pastor, Reuben Meriakol, who was preaching in the village. The two became friends, and after several weeks Reuben was able to lead Nichodemus to the Lord and teach him how to forgive those who had murdered his beloved nephew.

Nichodemus now speaks of the peace he has found through Jesus Christ and the incredible ways his life has been changed. Under Reuben’s guidance, he leads people to Jesus and counsels those around him who are struggling with the same issues he faced.

Once finding his identity and purpose in killing as many people as possible, Nichodemus now finds his identity and joy in bringing as many to the Lord as possible, even leading six of the 10 men in his former raiding group to Christ. His life has been drastically changed. He is enthusiastically welcomed to villages each time he arrives and looks forward to distributing the audio Bibles brought by SonSet Solutions.

Written by Emily Hall