Invisible Waves Changing Lives


Suffering from depression and contemplating suicide, a teacher was aimlessly fiddling with the dial on her radio one night, and happened upon Radio Light, a Christian station dedicated to the propagation of the gospel. Something she heard intrigued her. The message from the Bible brought a ray of hope into her heart that was strong enough to dispel the dark thoughts of suicide. She eventually gave her life to Christ.

A taxi driver listened to various radio stations as he ferried people to their destinations. One day the radio dial broke while it was on Radio Light. From then on, he had no other options—just Christian radio all day long. The message penetrated, and he too gave his life to Christ.

Radio waves go out silently and invisibly, so we don’t always know where they are going and who they might impact. We daily help our radio planting partners around the world with radio equipment, training, and technical support and pray that God’s Word, riding on the radio waves, will change the lives of listeners.

In 1991, Doug Rose, an Evangelical Bible Mission missionary, was given a three-month assignment to assist a man who wanted to start Fiji’s first Christian radio station. A carpenter by trade, Doug knew little about radio, but went along to do what he could. Before the three months were over, the other man left, but Doug stayed. SonSet Solutions provided radio equipment and technical assistance to help Doug get his radio station started. For 25 years, he has worked tirelessly in Fiji to spread the gospel by radio. Currently, he has three stations: Radio Light broadcasting in English, the trade language; Naya Jiwan (New Life) broadcasting in Hindi to the large Indian population; and Nai Talai (the Sent One) broadcasting in a Fijian dialect.

Recently, SonSet Solutions technician Alan Good and his wife Sarah traveled to Fiji to help this longtime partner with some much-needed repairs at the radio stations.

SonSet Solutions is committed to meeting the ongoing technical needs of this great work. “It gives us confidence knowing that if I have a problem or issue that I can pick up the phone and talk to someone who can help me,” Doug states. “SonSet Solutions is helping to provide the tools that we need to reach the nation with Christian radio.”

By Marla Bender