It is Impossible to Just Look Away

Ed and Noah on Tower

It is called the ‘Tower of Power’ and is finally completed and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ via radio. The 300-foot tower is a culmination of 10 years of planning and prayer at Pioneer Christian Hospital in Impfondo, Republic of Congo, Africa.

The connection between SonSet Solutions and Pioneer Christian Hospital was birthed in 2006 when Dr. Joe Harvey, director of the African hospital, attended a consortium in Ghana. The meeting summit was intended to reveal how radio and medicine could partner together and show what the ‘Voice and Hands’ ministry could accomplish in Africa.

Dr. Joe walked away from that summit with a dream of having a radio station as part of the hospital ministry. Along that journey the team hit many snags, but God was faithful to honor their hard work and to answer prayer. The temporary radio station went on the air in January 2014. It would be another two years and many roadblocks before the station antenna site would be moved from the hospital’s water tower to a tall radio tower structure.

In answered prayer, a team from SonSet Solutions from Elkhart, Indiana flew to the Congo hospital in January, 2016. They spent six weeks installing the concrete foundations and 30 sections of steel tower. In all, 300 feet of tower was stacked and seven levels of guy wires were strung out around the hospital compound. Care was taken so that none of the wires would be near any of the paths that ran between the 32 small buildings on the hospital campus.

The project was completed during the dry season in that part of the Congo. Although the lack of rain was conducive to weeks of outdoor construction, the clay soil was rock hard and seemed impervious to picks and shovels. It wasn’t until the final day of setting the new antenna at the top of the structure that the clouds opened and rain fell. The event was so spectacular that the heavy rain was filled with hail. Everyone had to run for cover and come back the next day to make final connections in the new transmitter building. God had prevailed throughout the whole project and brought the prayed-for rain at the last possible moment.

Dr. Joe Harvey said during the celebration at the new site, “Radio Sango Kitoko (translated “radio good news”) is now broadcasting from a new antenna on the top of a new 300-foot tower. New listeners are phoning in record numbers from villages that couldn’t receive the signal before.”

Dr. Harvey went on to say, “When you look real need in the face–whether spiritual or physical–it is impossible to just look away. I cannot thank people enough who have made the miracle of Pioneer Christian Hospital possible. So many have worked hard to bring this together.”

By Jean Muehlfelt