Keeping This Place Humming

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! But if it is broke (I mean broken) call Rich West. Rich is Mr. Fix-it, Tim the Toolman, and Mr. Wizard all wrapped up into one. With a 23,000-square-foot facility on a five-acre lot, SonSet Solutions always has something that needs to be replaced, repaired, or renovated. And no matter how hard or complicated or dirty the task, Rich is ready, willing, and able to do it. He keeps this place humming so that the work of ministry can get done.

Rich first learned how to fix things from his father, a man who just naturally understood the mechanics of how things work and passed that knack down to his son. Rich refined that skill with a degree in electrical engineering and training in construction, heating and cooling, and radio tower rigging. He spent much of the past 45 years serving with TWR at radio broadcast sites in Swaziland, Guam, and Bonaire and has spent 13 of those years on loan to SonSet Solutions.

During his career, Rich has put up radio towers (one over 70 stories high), built broadcast studios and transmitter buildings, maintained and repaired huge shortwave transmitters and the generators that powered them, and sometimes when replacement parts weren’t available, created his own. He has likely never said one word of witness over the radio, but his work has enabled literally millions around the world to hear the gospel. Great will be his reward in heaven.

Part of the joy of working at SonSet Solutions is serving with men like Rich. We’re working together with your support to get the gospel out to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Written by Marla Bender