Kang, Kun

  • Raised to date


Kun Kang is in his junior year studying computer science at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although his family is from South Korea, he grew up in East Africa where his parents are missionaries.  Kun wants to serve as a summer intern with SonSet Solutions to engage in technical work that advances the gospel worldwide. It also gives him a unique opportunity to pursue on-the-job spiritual and professional growth, while working in a missions context. Kun will assist with the research and development of software, equipment and solutions to meet the real-world needs of our ministry partners.

He shares, “I am interested in SonSet Solutions because I've been looking for a way to serve Christ in my field of computer science. If I had become a teacher or an engineer, it would have been more apparent how I could use my work to further God's kingdom. Seeing this opportunity, I realized there are ways to serve God's kingdom, and I just have to learn how to do so. ”

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