Lost, in Every Sense of the Word

Lost. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as unable to find one’s way, not knowing one’s whereabouts, or denoting something that has been taken away. Radio Joy, a ministry of Joy in the Harvest in Kigoma, Tanzania, is ministering to the lost in every sense of the word.

Unable to find one’s way: Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Those without Christ don’t know the way to salvation, don’t know the way to eternal life, and don’t know the way to living a life that honors God. Radio Joy is helping people find the way through daily Christian programing in English and Swahili to over two million potential listeners.

Not knowing one’s whereabouts: It is not unusual for children to get separated from their families as they shop in the bustling marketplace. When days pass, and distraught parents still don’t know their child’s whereabouts, they contact Radio Joy. By broadcasting an alert with a description of the child, Radio Joy has been instrumental in the recovery of 11 children so far.

Something has been taken away: When health is taken away and health care is unavailable or unaffordable, hope can be lost, too. This month Joy in the Harvest will bring in a team of 16 doctors and nurses to hold a medical clinic for the poor. Radio Joy plays a vital role in coordinating and publicizing the event. The last time this was done, they treated over 1500 patients, and 200 came to Christ.

SonSet Solutions assisted our partner Joy in the Harvest with radio equipment and technical assistance to start Radio Joy in 2015 and is providing ongoing technical support. The ministry’s founder, Lowell Wertz says, “Without your help and encouragement, there would be no Radio Joy. …Everything God is doing here with Radio Joy (and it is a lot!), is an extension of your ministry in Elkhart, Indiana. Together, the Great Commission of Jesus Christ is being fulfilled in Africa.”

Written by Marla Bender