Ministry Highlights

Donation Receipting

The term “administration” can sometimes conjure up rather monotonous mental imagery of desks, paperwork, and slow-moving clocks. But when it comes to the Great Commission, there’s a notably different side not often seen.

With a team of four, our Donation Management Team processes all donations and receipts. January is an especially busy month. “This time of year is all go because we print and mail annual statements to all of our donors,” says Receipting Assistant Monique Peacock. “But it’s also very exciting because we’re reminded how many people partner with SonSet Solutions through faithful donations. God has really blessed the ministry!”

In 2016, over 6,900 financial gifts were given to SonSet Solutions for ministry and missionary support. The Lord’s provision through your generosity is amazing – not only allowing SonSet Solutions to operate, but enabling us to bless others. Our desire is to act as a pipeline between you and those whose hearts and lives are forever changed by the gospel of Christ. It’s a great blessing to see first-hand the generous hearts of those who give, eager to see God’s Kingdom grow and expand around the world.

Engineering and Development

Engineer and StudentInterns and apprentices work alongside expert engineering missionaries and volunteers in SonSet Solutions’ Engineering and Development department. In 2015, they worked on 12 projects, including a water monitoring system, a solar lamp pole and recharging station, a new generation of the SonSet® radio, an equipment power protection unit, and improved broadcast equipment.

Engineering and development projects come directly from needs encountered by partners in the field. “Oftentimes technology that is commercially available doesn’t meet the needs of our ministry partners,” says Charlie Jacobson, manager of engineering and development. “That has motivated us to design solutions that meet needs with fairly simple, highly reliable, and less expensive equipment.”

Charlie adds, “God has gifted us with creative people, and we have an obligation to use those skills to advance the gospel and develop new solutions when appropriate. Creative design engineers can use their skills in an area that directly contributes to the advancement of the gospel. That is also why we invest heavily in students: We want them to realize that the creative bent that God has given them can be used in unique ways—even in missions.”

Students from Eight Colleges Participate in Spring Break

Spring Break Student-r2

For over two decades, SonSet Solutions has been offering hands-on spring break opportunities for college students. These have included projects in computer science, engineering, and digital media. Working alongside our staff, students take on technical projects that help them discover how their skills can be used in ministry.

Our spring break program is expanding this year—we will host students from eight colleges: Cedarville University, California Polytechnic University – Pomona, Calvin College, John Brown University, Grove City College, Indiana University South Bend, LeTourneau University, and Taylor University. Projects include involvement in technologies such as high-power shortwave radio, satellite communications, solar energy, equipment power protection, remote water pump monitoring, as well as computer upgrades, and improvements to the Nikkel Media Center. SonSet Solutions also offers internships which are 10-16 week commitments. These are hands-on internships where students not only work directly with design tools but are responsible for the design, typically from concept to production of a prototype.

During the summer, students attend a technical seminar series where they are exposed to diverse areas of technology. Each intern is assigned a mentor who will help them focus on their personal and professional development. Some graduating students have become interested in pursuing technical missions even further. SonSet Solutions offers an apprenticeship program for recent college graduates who are considering missions as a career. The goal of the program is to prepare a recent college graduate to become the ideal missionary candidate. When they complete the program, they are free to apply to any ministry for full-time service.

Do you know a college student who is interested in discovering how their programming, engineering or digital media skills can be used in missions? Click here to learn more.