More Than A Glass Plaque

David Russell, the president and CEO of SonSet Solutions, was inducted this April into the Academy of Engineering and Engineering Technology at LeTourneau University. This induction serves “…to recognize outstanding alumni who bring honor to the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology as engineering practitioners, researchers, missionaries, educators, and leaders,” reports the university’s Dean of Engineering, Dr. Steven K. Starrett.

In 1986, Russell worked with Intelsat, a commercial satellite communications company, where he helped develop, build, test and launch what was the largest satellite at that time. As time elapsed, Russell and his wife felt that God was calling them into missions. However, having a love for engineering and technology, Russell found himself struggling with God. “I couldn’t conceive that [satellite technology] would be useful in missions…,” said Russell, “The internal struggle became so great that I ultimately said ‘Okay God. I give up!’ and kissed my dream job in aerospace good-bye.” After dedicating his life to missions, Russell started supporting Christian broadcasting in Ecuador. Soon, God began to integrate advanced satellite engineering into his mission work. Eventually, Russell found himself working with Intelsat once again, but this time with a mission focus. Russell said, “It was extremely fulfilling to learn how God mapped all that out ahead of time.” Along with satellite engineering, Russell became an advocate of satellite broadcasting in Ecuador and helped shape their telecommunications law.

When Russell received the news of the induction, he was “surprised, yet pleased.” Despite his busy schedule, Russell was able to attend the induction ceremony where he connected with old friends and professors, attended the “Hootenanny” campus event, made new friends, and received a beautiful glass plaque symbolizing his accomplishments. As he reflected on his induction and his time spent at LeTourneau University, he felt proud to be a part of the school. Russell said, “It was such a warm atmosphere there; I felt very loved and appreciated.”

By Kyela Seals