Multi-media Specialist

***Critical Need*** Harness your excitement and interest for new technologies and for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with us! Utilize technology and learn new ways to communicate globally with others.

A Multi-media Specialist assists us in the development of the most effective use of current media platforms for communicating the gospel and for sharing what God is doing around the world. Our goal is to see Jesus Christ declared in areas where people have limited access to the gospel or where people are not being engaged through relevant means. As new communication technologies and techniques emerge, we will evaluate how they can be harnessed for communicating the good news of Jesus Christ. We help equip our global partners with this expertise. We also help them share their stories of God at work and will appeal to believers to get involved in what God is doing. These are exciting times we live in, and new media technologies can play a key role in the advancement God’s kingdom! Join us today!

This is a full-time position that requires the raising of support (missionary) or the capacity to be self-funded (volunteer).  Applicant must be able to sign the SonSet Solutions Statement of Faith. Contact us for a complete job description.

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