My Brother from Another Mother


Men and women of various shades of white, brown, and black from differing tribes and nations and languages had gathered, and yet they were embracing, laughing, and reminiscing like one big and beautiful family. More than once we saw a black man and a white man, arm and arm, with one being introduced by the other with this declaration: This is my brother from another mother.

We chuckled at that statement, yet were struck by how powerfully true those words were! Though not related by blood, nationality, tribe or language, we were connected by an indissoluble bond which transcends all others—we were brothers in the family of God. This colorful, diverse family was also united in a singular purpose—to see the gospel penetrate the hearts of all people on the vast African continent. And so we came in September, to the AbR (Africa by Radio) Media conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, to learn, teach, encourage, and collaborate. And with one voice we prayed for God’s Spirit to move over Africa and bring many more brothers and sisters into the family.

For my husband Curt and me and our co-worker Cole Grace, it was a special joy to be a part of that conference. Many of our longtime partners were there—people SonSet Solutions had helped over the years with equipment and technical support for their various ministries. Some of them we had known only through email or phone consultations. What a joy to see these brothers and sisters face-to-face, embrace them, and hear firsthand how SonSet Solutions had enhanced their ministry.

Faithful prayer and financial supporters, you are also our brothers (and sisters) from another mother. We are connected to you by that same indissoluble bond. You also encourage, collaborate, and pray with and for us. And so the ministry flourishes at SonSet Solutions and around the world. We are blessed to call you family.

If you are not yet a part of the SonSet Solutions family but would like to be, please contact us at or consider donating to our year-end campaign Partners For Global Impact.

By Marla Bender