New Voice for Congo Station

We are eager to stack the 300 feet of steel, and add the antenna, coax, and other equipment to further the reach of gospel programming at Pioneer Christian Hospital (PCH) in Impfondo, Republic of Congo. Pioneer Christian is a 60-bed general mission hospital in the heart of the Congo River Basin rainforest. A combination of missionary volunteers and paid Congolese staff provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their goal is to offer healing for the whole person by providing physical, social, and spiritual treatment. Where does the radio station fit in with this treatment plan? Broadcasts are able to reach into villages and homes providing health education as well as heart education with gospel programming going out in the heart-language of the people.

In January 2014 we helped install a temporary radio station in anticipation of erecting a more permanent station later. In November of last year, the 40-foot container with tower sections and equipment was loaded onto a flatbed trailer and shipped to the East Coast. From there, it traveled by ship to the Congo. After months of delays in customs, the container was released and continued its journey by road and water to the other side of the country. By the end of the year, four of our teammates plan to travel to Impfondo, two to get the permanent station up and running, one to help with healthcare among the medical staff, and one to capture information, photos, and interviews. Please pray for God’s blessing on our team as well as the outreach of Pioneer Christian Hospital.