Partnership Through the Decades

In 1977, two men arrived in Quito, Ecuador, with a calling to serve the Lord through technology. Their subsequent partnership and friendship has spanned four decades, two continents, and countless technological changes. Yet their goal remains unchanged.

Dan Anderson came as a full-time missionary while Jim Childs came as a summer missionary and later as a college co-op student. He worked with Dan to automate the delivery of audio to shortwave transmitters. Typical radio stations sent one program to a single transmitter, whereas the HCJB system had to handle six programs at a time to any one of a dozen shortwave transmitters. Their efforts enabled the accurate and timely proclamation of Jesus Christ in ten or more languages around the globe.

Jim and his family later moved to Ecuador as career missionaries, while Dan and his family moved to the United States to serve first at HCJB World Radio’s headquarters in Miami, then in 1986 to the new HCJB Global Technology Center (now SonSet Solutions) in Elkhart, Indiana. Despite living on different continents, Dan and Jim have collaborated on other projects through the years.

Together, they automated audio content for the ALAS satellite network, which transmitted Spanish programs to Christian radio stations, mostly in South and Central America. Both Jim and Dan have had a role in making improvements to the HC100 shortwave transmitters and maintaining the four that were used in Ecuador.

The impact of HC100 transmitters endures today, far from Ecuador and Elkhart. Partner ministries in Australia, Swaziland, and Guam continue to utilize HC100s to reach Southeast Asia with the gospel, and Jim continues supporting their maintenance.

Once or twice a year, Jim visits SonSet Solutions to collaborate on new technology and help maintain existing equipment. Dan and Jim’s partnership is representative of SonSet Solutions’ long-standing ministry partnerships around the world—partnerships that are yielding eternal fruit.

Written by Mark and Helen Braun