Personnel Needs

Below are some of our missionary service opportunities:

  • Lead Bookkeeper / Accountant

    Our finance department oversees the financial resources of our organization and enables us to wisely manage our income and expenses. Steward the blessings the Lord has given us through your skills in finance and accounting.

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  • Software Developer

    Creative software design and development is at the heart of our technology, and is essential to our development efforts in a world where devices are becoming increasingly more powerful even as their physical size diminishes. Apply your coding experience to real-world ministry solutions that drive our technology tools.

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  • Electrical Development Engineer

    Innovative electrical design and development is at the core of many of our technology-based solutions, and enables us to meet the unique design requirements of our ministry partners. Apply your creative skills to the design of ministry tools that broaden the reach and deepen the impact of our partner ministries.

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  • Public Relations Specialist

    Our Public Relations department tells the stories and creates the communications that attract new and seasoned friends to the ministry and is key to developing long-term relationships with those friends. Assist in the creation and organization of new ways to inform and engage the public and provide opportunities for them to join our prayer and support team.

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  • Machinist/Toolmaker

    Our in-house machine shop creates innovative solutions for our partners and is key to controlling our fabrication/prototyping costs. Apply your machinist skills to making tools and equipment for advancing the gospel worldwide.

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  • Funding Development Assistant

    Our Funding Development department creates relationships with our friends and supporters by inspiring them to participate in what the Lord is doing through SonSet Solutions and is key to creating cheerful and impassioned donors. Strengthen the bonds of friendship with our donors and create opportunities to make new ministry friends.

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  • Digital Media Specialist

    Our video production team is committed to telling great stories of God’s faithfulness that motivate and inspire the viewer. Our productions are a key part of our communications strategy and partner ministry toolbox. Use your media skills and creativity to bring our stories to life!

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  • Story Teller

    Our storytelling informs and inspires the reader to get involved with our ministry as we provide technology-based tools to our partners around the world, and is key to creating the support base needed to keep our organization running smoothly. Bring our stories to life as you work alongside men and women who are committed to spreading the gospel.

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  • Events Coordinator

    Events are occasions to celebrate what God is doing in and through our organization and opportunities for others to join our team. Create memorable celebrations that highlight how God is using our technology to advance the gospel!

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  • Volunteer Coordinator

    Volunteers donate their time and talents in service to ministry.  Many jobs would go unfilled if not for volunteers. Use your talents to organize this eager group of gifted workers.

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  • HR Assistant

    The most valued asset at SonSet Solutions is our people. Human Resources promotes a healthy and enjoyable work environment so that our workers can focus on ministry. Support our staff through all the stages of their service—from recruitment to retirement.

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  • College Liaison

    Our student programs create an intersection of vocation and missions and are key to our recruitment of future ministry workers. Guide our students as they explore these life-changing opportunities.

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