Potential Blessings for Benin

Living Oasis photo

Christians in Benin, West Africa, have found SonSet Solutions’ solar lamp pole (SLP) to be useful in areas where electricity is not readily accessible. Using this ministry tool, which was specifically tailored for their needs, they found a unique way to share the gospel of Jesus with people in their communities. Believers are calling the SLP the Living Oasis, a fitting name for a box that offers life in a dry and dusty land!

So far, one prototype has been placed in Benin to experiment with this new concept. The hope is to place these units in churches, hospitals, clinics, stores, schools, or anywhere it would be appropriate. This will provide not only a lamp to light the darkness, but also a Wi-Fi hot spot for charging cell phones and using those phones to download information, listen to Christian radio, or watch an evangelistic video. The prototype in Benin has been loaded with the French Bible, Christian radio programming, and versions of the “Jesus” film in French, Fufilde, and Bariba, the main languages of the region.

Pastors are excited about placing these devices in their villages. A man who installs water wells is eager to place one at each of his wells, adding a speaker feature which will play Christian programming so people who are waiting in line for water can listen to the gospel message. Another person anticipates the solar lamp pole will provide light for evening meetings at a Bible school that has no electricity. The list of potential uses goes on and on.

Please pray with us that as the solar lamp pole is being developed it will be affordable, dependable and a blessing to those who wish to teach and disciple their countrymen, bringing many to Christ.

By Barbara Anderson