Praise and Prayer-Apr 27, 2018

Clean water opens doors for gospel ministry – When clean water ministries drill a well for a community, it often opens up opportunities for sharing the gospel. We help our partners keep the clean water flowing by providing monitors that track the function of their wells 24/7 and provide data that is easily accessible on the Internet. Pray that the gospel might advance into new areas as we pursue additional partnerships with two clean water ministries.

Summer interns see how their career can advance the gospel – Ten college students have accepted summer internships with SonSet Solutions. Pray for strong connections as they seek partners who will support them with prayer and finances this summer. Pray also that their experiences here will help them to see how their chosen career can be used to advance the gospel.

Growing opportunities lead to increased responsibilities – In order to keep up with SonSet Solutions’ growing opportunities for ministry and the responsibilities that accompany them, our leadership team and managers wear multiple “hats.”  Pray for wisdom, good time management, stamina, and that their vision for kingdom work remains strong.