Praise and Prayer-Apr 5, 2019

Summer Interns Arriving – Thank the Lord with us that our first summer intern of 2019 has already joined us! More interns arrive next month. Ask God to lead people to join us long-term.

SonSet® Radios to Benin – We are preparing 300 SonSet radios for a partner radio ministry whose home office is in the United States. They will be shipping them on to Benin for distribution there. Pray that all the shipping connections will be made in a timely way and that the gospel messages broadcast over those radios will impact all who receive them.

New Radio Station Being Established in Togo – SonSet Solutions will be helping a partner ministry acquire radio equipment for a new station in Togo, West Africa. Pray for good communication and coordination as many details are worked out both here and in Togo.