Praise and Prayer-Aug 1, 2017

Ministering in three areas in Peru – The work of Baptist Mid-Missions in Peru began in 1937 where Radio Chaski is located.  Today there are around 100 organized churches or missions with which BMM works in this particular region. Most of the services in the countryside are in Quechua. Radio is used to keep in contact with and to teach the many far-flung congregations. Pray for God to work mightily in the three distinct areas in which they are ministering.

Increasing power – Radio Logos went on the air in Peru on Saturday, July 21, 2012. The local town of about 10,000 is some 500 miles deep in the Amazon. The station is a landmark achievement for the area’s evangelical churches that stemmed from a single congregation 50 years ago, born as the result of missionary work. Pray for wisdom and God’s provision as we help them consider what is needed to increase the power of the station.

Details for programming – Dr. Joe Harvey’s long-awaited dream has been the construction and operation of Radio Sango Kitoko, a Christian radio station. It went “on air” in January 2014 using a temporary tower. A 300-foot tower was built in January 2016. Pray for the details to come together as the local association of churches wants to start a series of health seminars and educational broadcasts involving local pastors with classes on basic hygiene, food preparation, and first aid—and then a presentation of the Gospel.

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