Praise and Prayer-Aug 15, 2017

True life and freedom – We are working with our partner DIGUNA on a new radio station for Kanisa la Biblia in Tanzania. Together with local churches, mission organizations and missionaries, DIGUNA works to spread the Gospel throughout Africa. “Africa is ready for the Gospel. Generally the people are very open and receptive.” It is not their aim to change their cultures but to redeem it through the cross of Jesus Christ. Pray with DIGUNA that through God’s love, the people will abandon a fear and mistrust of religious systems and experience true life and freedom.

Church and radio planting in Thailand – Since 2011, we have supplied equipment toward an initiative with the Reach Beyond Asia Pacific Region and an indigenous church- and radio-planting effort in Thailand. Pray that this work can continue unhindered in this volatile region.

Extended ministry for hospital – Bible Basics International is close to getting their license in northern Togo. ABWE is partnering with Bible Basics International to create an FM Christian radio station. The station, Hope Radio, for which we provided antenna installation drawings, is at the ABWE hospital. Bible Basics continues to emphasize the priority of teaching the basic truths of God’s Word through multiple formats and ministries. Pray that the necessary license to broadcast will be issued and become an effective extended ministry for the hospital.