Praise and Prayer-Aug 7, 2017

Family ministering in Suriname – We worked with Ethan Champlin who serves under Baptist World Mission on supplying technical data for a station inspection in Suriname. Baptist World Mission is an independent, Baptist missionary agency serving more than 275 missionaries in over 45 countries worldwide. Ethan is the son of missionary parents and grew up in Suriname. Now Ethan and his wife serve in Suriname and are in the process of starting a radio work.  Pray for protection, strength and stamina for Ethan, his wife and nine children.

Budgeting process – SonSet Solutions’ 2018 budgeting process is underway right now. Pray that the Lord will help us discern where to focus the resources he has placed in our hands to steward.

Radio opening doors for planting churches – In 2004, Rwandan-born pastor Joseph Karasanyi felt God’s call to minister biblical Christianity to his nation, beginning with radio. In 2005, High Adventure and Blessings for Obedience joined him to build one of the country’s first evangelical radio stations. Restore FM 98.0 began to encourage listeners with biblical truth through music and message. As listeners responded, Pastor Joseph visited each community and wherever possible began and built a community church. Today he has planted 80 churches in Rwanda, 55 more in Congo, and the growth continues. We recently assisted Restore FM through High Adventure with a high power antenna system. Pray for more churches to be established through this outreach.

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