Praise and Prayer-Aug 9, 2019

Burundi – We thank the Lord that broadcast equipment we sent to a ministry in Burundi, East Africa cleared customs and is now ready for our SonSet Solutions technician to install. Pray that the technician’s visa will be granted soon so his trip will not be delayed.

Togo – Working with our partner, Reach Beyond, equipment was shipped to Togo for a radio station. Praise the Lord that the equipment was released from customs quickly and everything arrived undamaged. Pray that the installation this month will be successful.

Radio Evangile Développement (R.E.D.) — A large container full of equipment for ministry partner R.E.D. in Burkina Faso is being prepared at the offices of Francophone Ministries for Christ in Port Huron, Michigan.  SonSet Solutions is collaborating in this big undertaking in order to equip fellow ministry workers in West Africa with tools that will greatly expand their reach. Pray for the numerous logistics to come together, as well as for safe passage across the Atlantic and then to multiple ministry sites in this land-locked nation.